One afternoon at the winx dorm
Bloom- हे आप guys
Musa -hey bloom are u ok u look worried
Bloom- I am
Tenca -why
Bloom- I can't find Stella anywhere and I look everywhere
Layla- u try calling her
Bloom- I try maybe she left her phone here
Roxy comes in
Roxy- हे u guys
Flora - हे roxy did u see stella?
Roxy- yeah she went walking into the woods a while go
Bloom- let's look for her it's almost getting dark
Everyone - ok
Everyone went outside
Layla- how we going to find her in these woods
Roxy- let's विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up me bloom and musa खोजिए on one part and the rest of u खोजिए I the other side
Everyone nods their head
Flora tenca Layla
Flora-lets trying calling her again
layla- we could but we cant we left our phones back at the dorm
Tenca- I didn't
Both flora and Layla -then call her
Tenca called Stella and then flora heard her phone in a bush
Layla- omg it's Stella phone
Flora-'why is it in a bush
Roxy bloom and musa
Musa- she couldn't have gone that far and why was she here in the first place
Roxy- I tired asking her but she couldn't her me
Bloom walks off and then she screems
Musa and roxy- what's wrong
Bloom poins to a rip shirt
Musa- is that what I think it is
Roxy- omg it a piece of Stella's कमीज, शर्ट with blood on it something bad must had happend to her
To be contiuend