So this should be know i will not post them i only want to make a summary because i have to many grammer mistakes to post them . Sorry i hope आप like them , but if आप don't like them it's nothing i will not be angry. Let me know what आप think though टिप्पणियाँ

1. The Stories Season 1
The Trix form a group with some of winx female villain like Diaspro या Chimera and thye alos transform their प्रशंसक intor a witch , Mitzi . They attack the winx and were about the kill them. What will happen अगला ?

A winx club and specialists story

2. The Stories Season 2
Some wizards form a group of seven wizards and one fairy in order to destory the winx . The winx had fight with them but they could not win anyfight . They meet a new fairy,named Keisha, that help them and slowly becomes best friend with roxy later she शामिल होइए to beginn the last winx ever. What happens when that fairy will turn on the good side ? Will they eight we enable to destory the seven wizards?

A winx club and specialists story

Flora goes to meet Helia's parents but they though her away telling she they don't like her and helia should be with another girl after Flora left she meet Karel . They get फ्रेंड्स but Karel was trying make Flora his girlfriend . In the meantime Helia's Parents make the princess of his realm to be his future life . Will thing get like the the beginning ?

A Flora and Helia Story

4.Four persons
Roxy 's best friend from earth,Liliana, come to visit and Keisha get jelouse .After Keisha's and Roxy's friendship nearly break's roxy saw Dylan ( Roxy's boyfriend ) Cheating on her with Liliana . Her relationship with both Dylan and Liliana broke . Will Roxy manage to fix all ?

A Roxy ,Dylan and Keisha Story

5.Two Girls
Tecna saw that Timmy is cheating on her and they broke up .Timmy so sad about the break up he begann not to learn anymore and act rude . the seultate is get expelled from school. So he want to हटाइए back in his realm to beginn a new life and forget Tecna, the winx , the specialis , readfountin ..... Tecna then realises timmy cheated on her because he wa sunder a spell. Will tecna be enable to resole all ?

A Tecna and Timmy story will tell su where to go
Stella's Father marries a women withhout asking Stella . When Stella and Brandon go to a vaction to solaria , stella's step-mother hates brandon not beiing a prince and forbid stella to stay around him . Stella mades a decision and leaves the catsle and run away with brandon .

A stella and brandon story

7. आप have the voice
Musa get's the opportunity to sing in a huge संगीत contest . All people how want can aisng from all the magic dimension . After she get accepted she meet so girls that would do anything to win . will she win the contest ?

A Musa story

8. Dancing is what i प्यार
Layla is invited to dance for a humanitarian case with a boy they get though many round until the semifinals but they have to perform a romantic tango , nabu get's jelouse . During their performes nabu uses his magic and sabotage their performence . Layla get's so angry that she broke up with him . Will they manage to get back togheter?

a layla and nabu story

9. the horibble news
Bloom is send on a mission but when she retunrs everythign is changed . The girls are missing and also the othe people from magix she only finds sky . Cand she and sky find the others in time ?

A bloom and sky story

10.The अगला teacher
A new teacher is coming to alfea and he sees to like the winx और but musa was having suspicions . After spying on him she learnd that he had his plan to capture the heamisters and the other people too . in the progress Musa is captured . Will she manage to save the others ?

a musa and riven story

11.on the good या dark side
The specialist don't really semed to be nromal this days so the girl spy and get kidnapped , but who kidnapp them . The specialist do it . Now the girl believe they are on the eliv side . why are the specialist beahaving so ? what will happen next?

A winx and specialists story

12. The stories season 3
The winx are back with new adventures . a group of eight girls is trying to get the wixn places and sucessed and replace then . in three महीना everybody seemed to forget thewinx but after the other goupe was sure thye were और powerful that the winx beginn to destory magix and kidnappe everybody in oen night when the winx wake up everythign was destoryed , will they manage to get everything to normal ?

A winx and specialists story

this are the stories , i don't finish all of them . Roxy and dylan are in all stories and keisha is in all exept the stories season 1 . let we know what आप think . so टिप्पणी दे