Here is the interview with our FOTM nmdis!

How do आप feel about being FOTM?
I am really feeling very much ownered and I am feeling "On चोटी, शीर्ष Of This World" truly! It's an awesome feeling. I haven't thought that I will become FOT. I wanna thank all प्रशंसक who voted for me and those too who didn't. ( As they choose others so I got competition लोल XD) .

Who is your favourite character?
My प्रिय winx is Musa, I प्यार her because she loves संगीत and dancing which I do too. I प्यार her personality ahe is just perfect!

What is your favourite transformation?
My transformation is Magix as it was the first transformation I saw and after that transformation I loved winx even और from then.

Do आप like the Winx spot?
I प्यार winx spot, It's a fantastic spot. It was the first spot where I earned my die-hard medal. People respect each other there and the competitions! I प्यार them. I learned many things from winx spot and now it's a part of my life!

Who is your least favourite specialist?
Well Nabu is my least प्रिय because he is busy in himself, he is strait आगे so sometimes he hurt other's feeling, but there is no one whom I hate, I like all of them.

What is your favourite planet?
My प्रिय planet Magix is because it is so beautiful but I प्यार other planets as well.

What do आप prefer, Pixies या Selkies?
I prefer pixies they are too cute and I प्यार all pixies-Amore, Arsenio,Athena,Boxen,Flower etc.

Who is your least favourite character?
My least प्रिय character is Ancestral Witches, they are weird in my opinion.

Do आप miss anything in winx club?
I miss old season, specially season 1, I wish to turn back that I can again experience it

What is your favourite season?
My प्रिय season will always be season 1. I was young that time and loved that!