The best character in Winx...

5. Mitzi: I will start off with an extremely unpopular opinion. Mitzi is my fifth प्रिय character. I honestly have yet to see one person besides myself who actually likes Mitzi. So why do I like her? I like her because she hates Bloom, crappy reason, yeah I know but I can't help it. I also like her because she is a Trix fangirl like myself. While all of the people in Gardiania (sp?) where all 'yay Winx' she was like 'Aw yeah Trix'. That made me laugh. I also really प्यार her witty insults and comebacks.

4. Darcy; She is one of my प्रिय because of her general attitude. She's calm but still mean like a true villain. The one with potential to be good, but is bada** enough to stay on the dark side. The seductive attitude is also a plus for me. She also had her humorous points, like when she was holding the map but asked if they were almost at their destination. I also really प्यार her powers, despite my immense hatred of the dark, her powers fascinate me.

3. Mirta: Getting lazy here I shall just post an excerpt from my Winx 30 दिन challenge response; I really like her because she reminds me of me; dresses like a goth, doesn't act like one. Overly nice and shy. That’s me in a nutshell. Plus I have those 3 bitches that just like to bother me all the time. I also like her because she’s so cute and kind. I also प्यार her clothing and hairstyle. Another great thing about Mirta is that she introduced a और adult theme to the show; in one episode one of the trix called her a trans-magical (fairy born into a witch’s body) loser. Which in our world is the equivlant of trans-gender. I like this very much because of the theme it introduced and how the दिखाना exploits being trans-gender या in this case magical as acceptable and not a bad thing.

2. Musa: I like Musa because of her power and प्यार for music. I absolutely प्यार संगीत myself. I also liked that up until season 4 she remained one of the only two tomboys in her group of friends. I really loved her tomboy attitude, made the दिखाना that much less girly. The raps she would randomly recite, the dances she would often do. I just loved her character.

1. Icy: Once again being lazy I will copy parts of my Why I प्यार Icy article. She's interesting due to the little knowledge we have on her background it creates a sense of mystery, I mean come on she looked like a fairy when she was younger, what could've went wrong? And what we do know of her is quite interesting as well; how many other characters do आप know that have successfully rose an army made up of 100's of years of rot and decay? Plus if any of आप have read the comics आप get a bit और insight on her background; she managed to bribe a mafia leader's son into dating her! She's tough. Unlike most of the faries she can fend for herself. She's not girly and sissy (disregarding season 5's huge let down). And she doesn't take s*** from anyone. Once again the whole dating a mafia leader's son is pretty B.A. She was also tough enough to overthrow all of the head mistresses and one head master as well as the entire student bodies. She's one of the bravest characters. For starts (pushing all biases surrounding right and wrong) she has tried to take of the world despite knowing what could happen if she lost. Pretty much every action she's taken can be considered brave, as her defeat could've easily been her demise. She doesn't give up on her goals. This is pretty self explanatory; 4 seasons of trying to take over the world. And 3 seasons of trying to take the dragon fire, she's pretty persistent if आप ask me. She's pretty and powerful. She's mentally strong; she knows exactly who she is and what she wants. She's not a goody goody. प्यार her sarcasm. She's not a Mary-Sue and lastly she likes beating the crap out of Bloom.

Least Favorite

5 .All of the Wizards of the Black Circle: They were poor replacements for the Trix. Is it bad that I only hate them because they are simply not the Trix and I feel as if they were replacing them?

4. Darkar: He was just a lame villain. He hid behind the Trix like a coward and used them until he was 'sure' he would win and then just tossed them aside. He never actually got off his bum 'til the season finale, the Trix were the real villains of that season.

3. Sky: Gary-Stu, 'nuff said. He's one's ideal prince charming man, I hate it! He's an unfaithful jerk; for those of आप who don't know what a fiance is; it's a person who is about to get married. Sky and Diaspro where to wed and then Bloom चुरा लिया her husband. Sky cheated on his bride to be and that is disgusting.

2. Stella: This is another pretty unpopular opinion, and I will apologize to my buddy stellamusa in advance. I never really liked Stella much. She is way to girly for me with her clothing and beauty obsession and the need to go shopping all the time. I hated her immaturity and irresponsibility. This came into play in episode 12 when she blew off the most important test at Alfea to go to some petty fashion show. Not only did she blow that off but she lied about it as well. She's a very shallow character in the fact that looks are everything to her, she's one of those 'I can't fight I may break a nail' characters, very irritating to me. She is snobby and quite rude; in season 5 episode 9 I believe, she used her Sirenix guardian thing that was supposed to answer सवालों about their quest to get an opinion on her fashion designs. After she revived no answer she made the freshmen part-take in a fashion दिखाना in which Brandon was forced to watch. She got all bratty when he told her to just stop. Above all what annoys me the most about her is she is constantly insulting the गॉथिक clothing style. This in particular offends me, because that's how I freaking dress most of the time! So to hear her remark, (in that episode where the Winx visit बादल Tower as exchange students) after Musa (I think) told her not to be rude, that 'you can't wear purple studded boots and expect not to be mocked' was pretty annoying as I own a pair myself. -_-' And that's just one of many insults she's thrown.

1. Bloom: Once again, gonna steal from my other article. She's a Mary sue. Everyone falls at her feet and worships her, be it her friends, other students attending Alfea, या her real life fans. To add to that the लेखक gave her a perfect prince charming type boyfriend who does everything for her. He's the perfect man and it's very irritating to see, because no one's boyfriend is that perfect. The लेखक also made her nearly flawless, it's painful to see! She's 'nice', 'brave', 'strong', and 'has the strongest power'. Bloom is just your typical main character. Always saving the world never doing wrong. She's got a typical main character back story; girl discovered she has powers, girl finds out she's from another planet (and a princess at that), girl becomes confused, girl seeks out जवाब (which she did poorly द्वारा the way), girl ends up saving the world. And ya know what, that'd be just fine if she wasn't so boring and weak. Which leads me to my अगला reason; without her फ्रेंड्स Bloom is noting. She's helpless and can't do a darn thing. No joke, Icy would've killed her in episode two (ya know when she froze her in a block of ice after getting caught spying). Not to mention she was totally helpless without her silly dragon fire, all she did was cry and sulk. "Omg I लॉस्ट my magic what am I gonna do?" Seriously what kind of leader just gives up like that? Hearing her mope was infuriating. It's like, hello, quite moping and do something about it! She's the same way with her not knowing her true background. Instead of moping about how she doesn't know who she is she should've actually done something about it! To make things worse her confusion made her pathetically easy to manipulate. She's the only one to ever get support या comfort. Musa लॉस्ट her mom and it was hardly spoken of, Stella turns into a monster she's comforted a little and no और after. Where as Bloom was supported and comforted द्वारा everyone, including strangers! Makes me wonder if Mitzi only hates Bloom because she gets all the adoration. Then there's the man-stealer thing, okay she dated Sky at the time she didn't know about Diaspro, but she found out, blamed Diaspro and proceeded to take her groom to be. She also accused her of being Icy, why is everything the trix's fault? She'd blame Icy if she stubbed her toe. The creator makes it painfully obvious that he favors her; she gets the most artwork, concept art, attention and the most explained background. As someone who aspires to be an लेखक myself this is particularly irritating. Most authors try to hide their biases, the creator of Winx, well it seems as if he hates causing Bloom any type of distress, as he resolves her problems quickly. Don't get me wrong he's a good लेखक I mean look at the trix and Tecna.
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