The Winx are all in Bloom and Flora's room when Flora looks at the clock, grabs her duffel bag and runs out of the room. The conversation is about them excited for the Fall Formal.

Bloom: Is everyone excited about Fall Formal अगला weekend?
Stella: Yes, because I get to buy a new dress, shoes, jewelry and get my hair, nails and make up done before hand.
Tecna: I think आप just want an excuse to go shopping.
Stella: Tecna, आप know me so well. (puts her hand on her chest pretending to be shocked)
(everyone laughs)
Musa: I'm so excited I wish it was this weekend instead.
Layla/Aishia: Me too!
(Flora crosses her arms like she is uncomfortable in this situation)
Musa: Flo, why are आप being so quiet?
Flora: No reason (looks up at the clock) Sorry ,I have to go. (grabs her duffel bag and runs at lightning speed)
Bloom: (Looks at the door in confusion) Does any one know what that was about?
(Everyone shakes their head No)
Layla/Aishia: She did kind of look uncomfortable when we were talking about the dance.
Tecna: आप don't think we offended her, Right?
Stella: No, maybe she just has a dress fitting for the dance?
Musa: For once, I think Stella might be right on this one.
Bloom; Agreed, we can just ask Flora when she gets back.
(In the gym)
(Flora walks in the door)
Savannah (assistant captain and twin): What are we going to do today captain?
Flora: (talking to the whole squad) Well we are going to practice for this weekends competition.
Savannah: I think that it is a good place to start sis.
Flora; Glad आप think so, and we definitely want to win nationals again don't we?
Whole squad: Ya!!!!!
( The quad rehearses their routine for two hours and call it a night)
Flora: Ok, squad we are done for the night, and tomorrow will be our last practice before we leave for the competition. Good night everyone. (grabs her bag, जैकेट and water bottle and prances out of the gym)
(Back at the dorm room)
Bloom: Flora's been gone sometime, do आप think she is alright? (looks worried)
Musa: Bloom, don't worry Flora is a strong fairy, and she'll probably be back any moment.
(the door opens and everyone turns their head in a ripple. To see Flora walk in carrying a Varsity jacket, water bottle, and duffel bag while wearing a tank top, cheer shorts, white टेनिस shoes and hair in a टट्टू tail)
Flora: What are all of आप looking at? (very confused)
Stella: you! (stand up and put her hand on her hips) Where have आप been young lady?
Tecna: Stella, आप sound like her mother. (Flora starts to look and feel uncomfortable again in the dorm room with her friends)
Stella: Well, she's been gone for two hours, and ran out of here, we deserve some answers.
Flora: I wasn't any wheres important, as आप can tell द्वारा my outfit. (said with a smirk, and slight attitude)
Layla: Stella, is right on this one Flora. Please tell us where आप were?
Flora: (sets her stuff on her bed) It's none of your business! (trying to hold back the tears and then runs out of the room)
Bloom: Flora, wait.................