1. Who is your प्रिय Character

My Fav character is tecna, she is so smart and without her, the winx would be hopeless

2. Who is your least प्रिय Character

My least fav character is Stella, she is a spoilet brat (no afence to people who like Stella)

3. How did आप find Winx Club

I was channel surfing, winx club was on pop and I started watching it, I remember when I hated Tecna and really liked bloom :(

4. (Totally for got what सवाल I asked her so I'm gonna guess) What do आप want to happen in Winx

I was waiting for the winx to go to zenith, and I wanted nabu to come back, and also as winx club is on weekends, at 7:00, it's an exusue to be sleepy on Monday

5. What do आप like most about this spot

Everybody is nice, I प्यार all the forums, because I प्यार participating in picture contest. And I really liked the क्रिस्मस picture I got.

6. Would आप be a fairy या a witch and what power would आप have

I would like to be a fairy, but if I was a witch, I wouldn't mind, and I would प्यार to be the fairy of air.

7. प्रिय Season

Season 3, enchantix is my fav transformation, it has a lot of adventure, I liked season 1 too

8. What do आप miss about season 1

Magic winx, it might be basic but the power is cool, I also miss icys voice, it really sutted her

9. प्रिय secondary/minor character

I don't know if this counts, but I liked Tiboc the wise, the guy in androis, he is on the episode when tecna gets her enchantix

10. How does it feel to be FOTM

Very shocking, when the मतदान was up, I was sitting there 24/7 waiting for it to close, when it कहा tecna535, I was in shock. I am so happy the प्रशंसकों voted for me :)