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I was wearing a black कछुआ, कछुए necked T-shirt, a light brown overcoat, jeans and black boots. I carried a bag which was hung on my shoulder.
Read the board. I walked towards the huge wooden door in the front and pushed it open. It opened into a huge room with shelves instead of walls. The shelves were filled with पुस्तकें big and small, thick and thin. I looked around to see if I could find the book I was looking for, but it seemed like I had no luck. Just then something caught my eyes. There was a shelf placed at the far end and it was labeled ‘NEW ARRIVALS’ I looked at the books. A smile spread on my face. I finally saw what I was looking for and walked over to have a look at the book.
‘Dream and reality द्वारा Arnold Wilson. A complete guide to dreams and what it means in reality.’
I took the book and walked over to a तालिका, टेबल near the entrance where an elderly man sat.
‘I would like to have this book please’, I कहा दिखा रहा है him the book and trying to sound as sweet as possible.
Slowly the man picked up his spectacles from the तालिका, टेबल and wore it. He took the book and looked at his cover, then he looked up at me. ‘You can’t take this book’
‘What? Why?’.
‘It’s a new arrival’
‘But this is a library’, I protested.’ I thought we could take any books.’
‘Yes, but not from the new arrivals section, आप can read it here if आप want’
‘Urgh! This is lame’, I muttered. I walked away and got out of the library. ‘I’ll buy that book’, I decided.
I crossed the road and walked along the footpath. I knew there was a book खरीडिए near by, but I didn’t know where exactly. That’s when a red board caught my eye. ‘Marion’s books’ ‘Bingo!’
I was lying on the बिस्तर with the book opened in front of me.
‘Let’s see, silhouette…..silicon……silk…….i muttered to myself as I ran my fingers through these words. Silver, got it! Silver signifies sorrow. It says आप may lose someone या something very close to you. It also signifies elegance.Silver also signifies realization. I closed the book with a snap and thought about the silver fairy I had seen. I opened the book and decided to look up परियों this time. I flipped a few pages and found the word.
‘It signifies Miracle, beauty and happiness’. That’s all that was written. I suddenly remember I had seen and elf and not a fairy. So I turned to E and looked for elf.
‘Elephant….elevation…….eleven……elf’ I muttered. Elf usually denotes mischief. It can also signify children या happiness. I closed the book again and heaved a sigh. I still had no clue about what my wierd dream meant.
Wait, I thought, maybe I should look up arrows. When I did I found out that it denotes an unexpected happening, which is usually painful.
‘Amanda, mom asked आप to come down for dinner’ कहा Susie, my elder sister.She was standing द्वारा the door with her usual smile. Susie and I don’t get along very well. I think it’s mainly because we have entirely different characters. ’You have to come now’ saying this she left the room.
That’s when I realized it was almost seven. I had spent a lot of time पढ़ना the book and I didn’t notice time fly by. I picked up the book and kept it in the shelf with the other books. I got out of my room and went down the stairs into the dining room.
As usual everyone was seated in their usual places. I sat on the chair अगला to Susie and glanced at my mom. She was looking at me like I had done something wrong.
‘What?’ I asked.
She looked at me like I was supposed to read her mind and understand .
‘Oh, right’, I कहा and got up. I washed my hands and sat down again. My sister was talking about her school. But I didn’t listen to that, I never listened to a word she कहा (mom’s cooking was enough punishment). I never listened to my mother neither; I guess that’s why she likes my sister more. I was in deep thoughts. I was thinking about nothing else but the strange dream I had last night. What did it mean anyway? I was going to lose someone dear to me? But such a person doesn’t exist…And what did mischief mean? And what was the unexpected happening? Suddenly, I remembered something. I was going shopping tomorrow. Prom’s just a few days away….But I don’t have enough money to buy a gown. I had spent the last part of my allowance on the book.I had made up my mind to ask my mother….great! Like she’s even gonna let me go to the prom, या shopping…But still I decided to ask. So, I cleared my throat for attention.
‘Um…..I was wondering if I could go to the prom…..’, I asked timidly. I heard my sister giggle.
‘Who’re आप going with?’ asked my sister, stifling a laugh.
‘I’ve not decided’, I said, getting really annoyed.
‘Or, hasn’t anyone asked you?’ Sneered Susie.
‘Shut up, Susie!’ I growled.
‘That is no way to talk to आप sister!’ कहा my mom sounding very seriouse and supporting Susie as usual.
‘You haven’t answered my सवाल yet’, I said, starting to get irritated.
‘Go if आप want to’
That’s all I wanted to hear. But there was one और सवाल I needed to ask.
‘Um….i have to go shopping tomorrow, to buy my gown, so….ur…….I needed money’
‘You can’t go out tomorrow’, कहा my mom.
‘And why is that?’ I asked loosing my patience.
‘It’s going to be 10 years since आप father died tomorrow’
‘So?’ I asked trying to sound stern. I felt my sister nudge me and I knew I shouldn’t have asked that.
My mom glared at me, her eyes suddenly turning cold. ‘Finish आप रात का खाना and go to बिस्तर Amanda. आप won’t go out of this house tomorrow, there is no arguing!’
I got up and kicked the dining तालिका, टेबल hard. A few glasses and Susie’s plate fell on the floor and shattered into pieces. Susie squealed and got up from her chair.
‘This isn’t fair’, I screamed. ‘You wouldn’t let me go to sleepovers, आप wouldn’t let me go camping, आप never let me go shopping with my friends! What is this, a prison?! I’m sick and tired of this! None of this would have happened if dad wa—‘
‘You keep your mouth shut young lady’, कहा my mother pointing her forefinger at me, ‘or you’ll spend the whole महीना in your room, आप wouldn’t even go to the prom! ‘
I screamed and ran up the staircase. I banged my door open and closed it shut behind me. I kicked everything on my way and lied down on the बिस्तर crying. I spent the whole night crying, it was mainly because of anger that I was crying, it wasn’t sadness. I cried and cried and finally fell into a deep dreamless, peaceful sleep, forgetting all my sorrows.
To be continued….
Hope आप liked it! Please do post your valuable comments. I would like to know if आप liked it या not. Thank आप for पढ़ना it!
 The new winx!Lisa,Sunshime,Angelica,Rosena,Siobhan,Faina,Terra+The New Trix Kristina,Sabbra,Liana!!!!
The new winx!Lisa,Sunshime,Angelica,Rosena,Siobhan,Faina,Terra+The New Trix Kristina,Sabbra,Liana!!!!
-----(Hope u enjoy------

(The girls r now quite shocked but not Lisa,she was yelling)

Lisa;No way!That's not possible.
Ms Faragonda;But it is!So u might as well expect it!
Ms Faragonda;I am sorry,nothing to do.

(Just then their moms appear)

Stella;Girls,what r u doing here?
Musa;Girls,tell me straight what happened.
Lisa;Wait,is it not u whu shud be talking?
Lisa;Enough,now talk!
Terra:About this whole magic dimension thingy!!!!
Faina:U thought u cud hide it from us........
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 Bloom: In her normal outfit for Season 1
Bloom: In her normal outfit for Season 1
Hi there! : ) Lol! I'm sorry for the long wait on this one! I was rather busy with other प्रशंसक fictions and such =D But finally, here is the लेख of info on Bloom! Enjoy!



Bloom was born on December 10th on the planet of Domino. But unfortunatley, her parents had to give her up soon due to that the Ancestrial Witches had attacked their घर planet. Bloom's sister, Daphne, teleported her to Earth and to a new family. She grew up, not knowing that she was a fairy या who her real parents were. When she was 16, she finally realized that she was a fairy after...
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