There have been many cases where people are addicted to playing mobile phones that cause unpleasant things. Starting from isolating themselves from social life, the decline in real interaction with the family to feel not confident to see posts of फ्रेंड्स whose lives seem perfect. Can not get out of the phone also increases the number of accidents and deaths. Adding to the impact of digital addiction is macular degeneration!

Usually, this eye disease only affects 50 साल olds. However, according to KNews and Brilio, और and और patients aged 20-40 years old who went to the eye doctor because often play HP या tablet before bed. After the lights are turned off, staring at the screen of gadgets that emit super bright light will damage the eye macula and cause eye cancer.

During this time, सेब is always upgrading the OS on iPhone, iPad, Mac, सेब Watch and सेब TV that makes users और addicted. However, at the World Developer Conference that took place in San Jose on May 28, सेब stated that they are making Digital Health. This software is able to monitor how long the user uses certain gadgets and applications, aiming to prevent digital addiction. Reportedly the hell, this new सेब software will come simultaneously with iOS 12.

If आप are the owner of Android, do not worry! गूगल is also creating a new software, Android Dashboard, which is able to prevent digital addiction. With Android Dashboard, आप will get notified how long आप use mobile phones, apps, watch YouTube to how many times आप open the phone! If आप watch YouTube for too long, this software will ask आप if आप want to take a break. Of course आप can disable this feature.

In addition to blindness, playing HP या tablet before बिस्तर also cause various other health problems such as:

Disrupt the Sleep Cycle

Even if आप just soak in fragrant soap, drink hot चॉकलेट या use lavender-scented lotions, आप will not sleep well if आप play HP before आप sleep. The reason, the blue light from the gadget sends a signal to the brain that makes your body think it is sunlight. The blue rays of mobile phones also disrupt the production of melatonin, causing insomnia, awakening at night and decreasing sleep quality. If left, it also causes दिल disease, obesity and premature aging, आप know!

Cause Depression

Lack of sleep because of play mobile phones या tablets at night can make people feel depressed. आप will feel uninspired and the mind becomes fucked द्वारा lack of sleep. Over time, आप will feel depressed.

Increase Cancer Risk

In 2011, The World Health Association stated that mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets emit electromagnetic radiation that can trigger cancer such as breast and prostate cancer. Especially if the user is holding the phone too close to the body, then the radiation will increase. Those who often put the phone अगला to the head while sleeping are also at risk of brain cancer.

Cause Memory Disorders

Now everything is all digital, no wonder the sales of mobile phones या smart phones are increasing. However, too frequent use of mobile phones, especially before sleeping even make a person's intelligence decreased! Wearing a mobile phone before बिस्तर will disrupt sleep cycles and rest the brain so as to make a person unable to think clearly the अगला day.

Original लेख was written द्वारा Theresia Clara from link