Honestly speaking, ALL members of The Wanted are extremely hot and sexy! They all have a unique look to them. Not to mention beautiful, unique voices! Here's my personal सूची सूची of the hottest members of TW. Don't attack me if आप disagree!

PS: They look sexy when they दिखाना their man cleavage with their sexy smooth chests.


Out of all the boys, Tom is the only one who can look hot in any style.Whether his hair is spiky, messy, या in a fringe या whether he has a beard या is clean shaven, he always looks sexy! I couldn't take my eyes off him in the Warzone video even if he didn't have any solos. I प्यार his wide set hazel eyes and the roman nose is sexy on Tom. (Most people can't pull it off!) His best feature of all would have to be his 8 pack. प्रशंसकों can't stop drooling at the sight of his toned abs. Even though most प्रशंसकों think Tom has the best body, I think he's a little too skinny (especially with those twiggy legs) and that there's और to having the best body than just nice abs and a bubble butt. He's still sexy (really sexy!) and a hot piece of ass! Not to mention his thick accent. 

4) नीलकंठ, जय, जे MCGUINESS

नीलकंठ, जय, जे might think that his face is "horrible" and he has an "average body" but he really has a beautiful face and a heavenly body! I don't really like the pasty complexion , but नीलकंठ, जय, जे is an acceptation. I प्यार his hair! His curls are absolutely gorgeous and he's got the best hair in the band. His eyes are a pretty shade of blue, he's got some nice lips, and sort of a baby face. (when he doesn't have the beard. A little stubble is hot but the full beard looks awful) नीलकंठ, जय, जे is just so elegant. He actually looks like a चीनी मिटटी, चीनी मिट्टी के बरतन doll from the Victorian era. He also really has the stereotypical English accent to go with that.  His body proportions are ideal: Tall, broad shoulders, nice pecs, small waist, well endowed, big a$$, and long thick legs, yeah he is just too beautiful.


Tall, dark, and handsome indeed! As Siva would describe himself. When ever people take a look at him, they are blown away द्वारा how amazingly beautiful he is. He was a model after all..I don't get why he's underrated द्वारा प्रशंसकों :L His face is really chiseled with his flawless cheekbones and full lips that look so kissable. I प्यार his flawless tan skin, dazzling smile and chest (I don't think his nipples look like pancakes) He's just so exotic with the Sri Lankan Tamil/Irish mix. (I think he looks full on Sri Lankan IMO) Talk about beautification. I wish he could have और muscles on his legs though. Overall, Siva is a beauty.


Max is a hottie with his gorgeous eyes and his killer body. The buzz cut really सूट्स him well! Its really sexy on him. I प्यार his huge hazel eyes! They are as big as galactic moons and are hazel with gray. आप don't see eyes with that color too often. They are so GORGEOUS! I can stare into them all दिन long. He also got some nice lips and some nice teeth to go with that.I actually think he is the one with the best body in the band. He's got an amazing body. He has muscles in ALL the right places, a big sexy a$$, and he's well endowed. :P I think he's the one with the most sex appeal even if he really is a sweet, down to earth guy. 

*Number one: Drum roll please*


He's often voted as the hottest member of The Wanted and I can see why...He's drop dead sexy! I was blown away when I saw him in the "Glad आप Came" and  "Lightning" video. He's cutesy with his cute baby face yet masculine at the same time. First of all he's got the lowest voice out all of them. I प्यार his eyebrows! His eyebrows are the sexiest eyebrows I've ever seen. They are so thick and dark. It makes him look unique. I also प्यार his cute little nose, perfect teeth, and fringe (When he has his hair up it does not look good on him!) I'm not really attracted to green eyes, but Nathan's बादाम पन्ना green eyes make him look hotter and he's the first person that looks और attractive green eyes!  Even though he lacks upper body strength, he still has a nice body. There's और to having a hot bod than just a six pack! Sure he has narrow shoulders, no waist, and flat abs, but I actually think the flat stomach looks quite nice on him. A lot of प्रशंसकों don't even notice his lower body which is sad because his lower body is anything but skinny...It's really muscular! He has a nice butt and his legs are really strong! His thighs are so thick and juicy. Same with his calves. He's also well endowed. Many people think Im crazy when i say this, but i think he looks exotic! Yeah i कहा it. He's got these hot unique features plus when i first saw him he looked Greek/Romanian/ Argentinian. Nathan is what आप get when आप have a combination of a baby cutie and a sexy babe. He thinks he looks awful, but he is  GORGEOUS!

* My opinion has changed A LOT!