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I found this लेख online, and it makes me sad to think how words can hurt someone so bad....

When आप write about टेलीविज़न for a living, आप sometimes forget just how intensely some shows and characters connect with viewers. After watching so much television, आप tend to get caught up in the mechanics of it all. How were the ratings? What's the latest casting info? It sadly devolves into inside baseball and आप start to forget what it was like to obsess about a दिखाना because something in it captivated a part of your soul.

There have been shippers since before the internet was a gleam in the...
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Ok I just been re-watching some बोन्स episodes of S4, and the episode where Jared (booth’s little brother) comes to the picture, made realize how much of their dynamic is the same as Damon’s & Stefan’s dynamic. See when Jared came on he was in military intelligence, he had a “better” job than booth, and he seemed “better” than booth.
Jared toke बोन्स (Breanne) on a तारीख, दिनांक and चार्म्ड her with his Military Intelligence stuff, and told her that “booth tends to sabotage himself, that he’s afraid of success” in other words he made booth look and sound bad (sound familiar) and...
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