द वैंपायर डायरीज़ TVD Episode 20in20 आइकन Contest [CLOSED CONTEST]

twilighter4evr posted on Feb 06, 2012 at 03:52PM
According to the pick a majority of you wanted the 20in20 back so I will start one up again =)

1. I'll post 10 different themes, a Category (5 Icons), & Artist's Choice (5 Icons)
2. Icons have to be made by you.
3. You have to choose an episode and it can't be chosen twice in the same round. You can't also choose the same episode three times in a row.
4. Don't vote for yourselves.
5. Every round will last 20 days.
6. Winner will get props depending on the category of its icon.

1 Participation prop
2 for each theme won
3 for Category Set
3 for Artist's Choice Set

Screencap Sites I Use:


Round 25 Themes: FREE ROUND 
1.Parent - Sakkara98
2.Vivid Colors - iandamonfan
3.Vampire in the Sun - Sakkara98
4.Why? - KarinaCullen 
5.Kol - KarinaCullen
6.Music Scene - Sakkara98
7.Season Finale - iandamonfan
8.Season Premiere - katherine1731
9.Damon's Car - katherine1731
10.Party - KarinaCullen
Category:Flashbacks of the Originals - Sakkara98
Artist's Choice: - katherine1731

Round 26 Themes: 
1.Less than Half of Face
3.Reward (pov)
4.Blurred Background 
5.Neutral Coloring
6.Small (pov)
7.Kindness (pov)
9.Underline Text
10.Actor/Actress Name with Character

Category:Color Focus Outfits (5 icons)
Artist's Choice:(5 icons of your choice)

Round 27 Themes: 
1.October [your pov]
2.Elena +1 [character]
3.Half Circle
4.Bold Text
5.Half Saturation
6.Keep Calm & .....
7.Color Focus Object
8.Lucky # [your lucky # must be in the icon]
9.Long Hair
10.Correct [your pov]

Category:5 Senses (5 icons of sight,hearing,touch,smell & taste)
Artist's Choice:(5 icons of your choice)


Round 26 Sign Ups:
Sakkara98 - "American Gothic" COMPLETED
iandamonfan - "Pictures of You" COMPLETED
KarinaCullen - "The Last Day" COMPLETED

Round 27 Sign Ups:
KarinaCullen - "Into the Wild" COMPLETED
katherine1731 - "True Lies"
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