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 ‘Vampire Diaries’ Stars Go Nude For Entertainment Weekly (PHOTOS)
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Source: Entertainment Weekly
‘Vampire Diaries’ Stars Go Nude For Entertainment Weekly (PHOTOS)
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If I'm पढ़ना the sings correctly, creators of TVD are leading Stefan& Caroline toward a romantic relationship. And I'm not sure if I like it. If you'd tell me two years पूर्व I'll say something like that I'd think you're crazy. Steroline are perfection! I'm a total sucker for coupels based on friendship, with a long build up...(That's why I प्यार DE in the first place:D) But...
I've shopping Stefan & Caroline since 2x02. During whole seaon 2 theye had amazing relation. Vunerable girl with big self-esteem problems became strong fighter with big Stefan's help. He, on the other hand, was...
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Now I know a lot of doesn’t blame “saint” Stefan for Elena’s death या blame Meredith (from unexplainable reason), but facts are facts he is the REASON she died please don’t give he “respected” her decision/choice CRAP spare me the “you’re watching another to show” because I’m goanna prove my statement that this whole respecting thing is full of CRAP.

All of आप see/look at the whole situation as some kind of a mercy death या whatever, like she was dying from a terrible diseases/illness या she was hooked to a machines, and what he did was respect/honor her dying wish sorry...
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