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Here's the TVD Boys 15in15 Icon Contest Winner's Gallery!♥

ROUND 1 Winners:


1.Happy: CullenSisters-X
2.Blur: tanyya
3.With Girlfriend: Sakkara98
4.Frenemy: Sakkara98
5.Working: KarinaCullen
6.Sospicious: KarinaCullen
7.Black: KarinaCullen
8.One Word: KarinaCullen
9.Eyes: KarinaCullen
10.Bright: KarinaCullen

Category: Quotes

1. EllieLupin91
2. iandamonfan
3. KarinaCullen

Artist's Choice:

1. KarinaCullen
2. KarinaCullen

ROUND 2 Winners:


1.Name: iandamonfan
2.Action: KarinaCullen
3.With Elena: Sakkara98
4.Heart: tanyya
5.Back: iandamonfan
6.Full Body: Sakkara98
7.Your Mood: Sakkara98
8.Fighting: Sakkara98
9.Lying: Sakkara98
10.Clip Art: tanyya

Category: Actors

1. KarinaCullen
2. iandamonfan
3. Sakkara98

Artist's Choice

1. iandamonfan
2. iandamonfan

ROUND 3 Winners:


1.Red: iandamonfan
2.Fake Backround: Sakkara98
3.Worried: KarinaCullen
4.With Bonnie: iandamonfan
5.White: KarinaCullen
6.Legs: KarinaCullen
7.Hands: KarinaCullen
8.Drinking: EllieLupin91
9.Looking Up: Sakkara98
10.Day: Sakkara98

Category: Rainbow Colors

1. EllieLupin91
2. EllieLupin91
3. T3Fi

Artist's Choice:

1. EllieLupin91
2. EllieLupin91

ROUND 4 Winners:


1.Border: shine0n
2.Center: EllieLupin91
3.With Caroline: iandamonfan
4.Outfit: shine0n
5.Night: shine0n
6.Group: shine0n
7.Two Characters: EllieLupin91
8.Lips: shine0n
9.Charming: Sakkara98
10.Lines: shine0n

Category: Highlights

1. EllieLupin91
2. EllieLupin91
3. EllieLupin91

Artist's Choice:

1. EllieLupin91
2. EllieLupin91

ROUND 5 Winners:


1.Pink: Katherine_girl
2.Dark: Sakkara98
3.Busy: mrssalvatore6
4.Funny: tanyya
5.Concentrated: Katherine_girl
6.Faceless: Sakkara98
7.Hug: tanyya
8.Kiss: tanyya
9.Drinking Blood: Sakkara98
10.Green: tanyya

Category: Lyrics


Artist's Choice:

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