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Twilight took over the day. Bonnie was in Caroline’s room. She was lucky her friend had been so kind to offer her a place to stay now that her house was ruined. Bonnie had tried to call Elena, but the line had been busy all day. She just wanted a chance to say she was sorry, but she realized at this point it was too much to ask.
So when her phone rang and she saw it was Elena calling she hastily picked up. “Elena?”
“Bonnie, are आप alone?”
“Yes” Bonnie said. “Elena, I’m so glad आप called. I’ve tried to reach you, but आप were busy. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. I just want to tell आप how sorry I am and I’ll do anything to make it up to you”
“I want to meet”
This is going good, Bonnie thought with a hopeful smile. “Yeah, sure, whatever आप want, Elena. Just tell me place and time”
“At the church, Fell’s church, right about now”
“Okay, I’ll be there right away” Bonnie कहा and she hung up. She grabbed her कोट and पर्स and considered लेखन a note, but figured she could always give Caroline a call if things got late.
Twenty मिनटों later she was standing द्वारा the ruin that used to be a church in some other lifetime.
She felt something या someone swirl around her and अगला thing she knew she was standing in the tomb, looking at Elena. Wait, no, not Elena.
“Katherine” Bonnie कहा trembling.
“Surprise” Katherine कहा supercilious.
“Where’s Elena? She was supposed to meet me here” Bonnie said, trying to keep her voice in control. She tried to get out of the tomb, but Katherine conjured her fangs and Bonnie staggered back.
“No, sweetie, I called आप to meet here” Katherine said. “Elena is a little down, so when she was at the cemetery, grieving Jenna’s death, it was quite easy to steal her phone…And I believe this is yours?” she कहा conjuring a cell phone, which Bonnie recognized as hers.
“Give it back” Bonnie ordered afraid.
“Oh, don’t worry, hon, आप won’t be needing it anymore” Katherine smiled malicious.
“What are आप talking about?” Bonnie asked, again trying to walk out of the tomb, but Katherine pushed her on the ground.
She began to close the tomb. Bonnie scribbled up.
“No…Katherine, don’t” she कहा scared to death. “Please, Katherine, I’m really sorry for what I did to you, but don’t lock me up in here”
Katherine laughed. “I’m pretty sure Damon begged आप to stop torturing him. Did आप listen to him? Didn’t think so”
She carried on with her job.
“Are आप in प्यार with him?” Bonnie quickly asked. “I can help आप win him back”
Katherine let out a growl. “I am not in प्यार with him, geez. But he is a vampire and-how was it again? Sheila always had this great saying. Oh, I know!-I’ll protect my own”
“Katherine, please” Bonnie cried now. “They stripped me from my powers, I can’t do any magic. I won’t be able to open the tomb. I won’t be able to get out”
“Well, yeah, that’s the idea” Katherine said. “You’re not supposed to get out”
The tomb was nearly closed.
“Katherine, don’t!” Bonnie screamed now in total panic.
The tomb was fully closed.
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