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The hospital
“I’m fine” Jeremy कहा for the seventh time. Caroline had brought him to the hospital, along with Bonnie.
“I think I should make that decision, don’t आप think?” the doctor said. It was the same that had taken care of his hand. “Now, will आप please lay down so I can check if आप have any broken ribs?”
Jeremy reluctantly lay down on the hospital बिस्तर and pulled up his shirt, like the doctor had asked him.
“Does this hurt?” she asked, pressing the right side of his stomach. Jeremy shook his head. “And this?”
“Oww!” Jeremy exclaimed.
“Okay” the doctor said. “We’re going to have to take some pictures”
A nurse walked to the phone and asked for the x-ray machine. Five मिनटों later someone walked in, riding the machine into the room.
“Jeremy, if you’re okay with it, I’d like to get some air” Caroline said. Jeremy waved his hand to say it’s okay and while the doctor took the photo’s she walked out of the room. She looked for the intensive care room and found Bonnie lying in it, connected to all kinds of threads connected to all kinds of machines.
“Why, Bonnie?” she asked sad. “Why did आप have to mess with Elena and Damon?”
Thirty मिनटों later the doctor showed the pictures. “You must have a guardian एंजल who’s really fond of you” she कहा to Jeremy. “No broken ribs, only a few bruisers, so take it easy for a while”
Jeremy nodded. “Won’t be a problem”
Jeremy looked up. Alaric was standing in the doorway.
“Hi” Jeremy said.
“Is he going to be okay?” Alaric asked the doctor concerned.
“I’m sitting right here, आप know” Jeremy said.
“He’ll be fine” the doctor said. “It’s almost a miracle”
Jeremy carefully got off the बिस्तर and walked outside, Alaric following him. Once they were outside Alaric took Jeremy’s shoulder.
“Don’t ever do that again” he said. “Don’t ever put yourself in danger without telling me what’s going on”
“We didn’t have time” Jeremy defended himself.
“You should’ve let me come with you” Alaric said.
“We didn’t want to put आप in danger” Jeremy said. “We were worried for you”
“That’s not your job” Alaric said. “It is my job to be worried for आप and Elena”
“Okay, I’m sorry” Jeremy कहा a little annoyed. “Can we go घर now?”
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