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द वैंपायर डायरीज़
damon & elena
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द वैंपायर डायरीज़
Credit: Inna955 @ YT.
द वैंपायर डायरीज़
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इयान सोमरहॅल्डर
नीना दोब्रेव
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This is a surrealistic short story with some sensuality. It's a book fanfic. It's not exactly a Donnie ff, but it's about Damon and his personality. Not suitable for readers under thirteen years.

“Oooooh... Gorgeous!” Bonnie said.
Damon had his head in her lap and she was stroking his hair. He opened his eyes to see an exquisite maiden looking at him with warm brown eyes.
“He is absolutely gorgeous. That’s why I’ve always been drawn to him.” Elena said.
Damon lifted his head and saw her tender blue eyes. She was holding his left hand.
“Are आप feeling any better?” Meredith asked....
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First I would like to say I don't want to spark a war. I just want to explain why some of the anti-bamon reasons confuse me. And सेकंड I actually do like Delena but Bamon appeals to me more.

I hear lots of anti-bamon arguments, and I won't to defend the main ones.

1. Bamon will never happen on the दिखाना because दिखाना Bonnie isn't book Bonnie.
- That makes no sense to me because sure it's true...BUT दिखाना Elena isn't the same as book Elena, I can tell because I don't hate her. Book Elena is superficial and selfish. She is just like Katherine. And दिखाना Elena is different which I like. Plus, I could...
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