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 Danila Kozlovsky
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It seems his career took off like a fast missile. After the very successful Russian फिल्में Soulless and Legend No. 17, Danila played a major role in Hollywood melodrama Vampire Academy. All tipped to this film resounding success as such as the “Twilight Saga”. On the eve of his transformation into a star, the actor told InStyle Man magazine what changes have occurred in his life in New York city and about their clothing style in London.

Thought negligence is the definition that comes to mind when someone asks आप to describe Danila in a nutshell. He looks slightly bedraggled as he opens the door for me. Recently, Kozlovsky returned from London. There he starred in Hollywood movie Vampire Academy and had two months to wear long hair. But immediately after the shooting, he became a monk and back (Yes!) was his style of elaborated negligence.

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