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 a full map of springfield
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pretty amazing! must of taken someone ages!
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"The तोता Rap"

Mr. Garrison assigns the class to do a history रिपोर्ट on one of the presidents. He makes everyone go to the computer room and do research, but behind Mr. Garrison's back, Cartman minimizes the research page and opens a new page and begins playing Modern Warfare. The other kids start to do this, but Butters forgets to and Mr. Garrison gives him a detention. Butters tells Cartman that he has to get a detention too so it would be fair, but Cartman refuses and claims it wasn't his fault. The अगला दिन as the kids are researching in the computer room, Cartman leaves the room to go...
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I knew this दिन would come. I mean, Homer may not be the smartest guy I have served (as a customer), but he still has that little bit of a brain cell in there that was telling him 'Something isn't right here...'. I know. I must be the worst friend in the world, sleep'in with his wife. And I'm sorry. I was going through a phase; a horrible, sexy phase. I'm just a stupid, selfish, old basterd who only does things for his own pleasure. Of course, I didn't WANT this to happen, oor predict it would either. Sooo... yeah.That takes a load of ' This is all your fault!' off my back. And, come to mention it, she WAS drunk, so... yeah. Not my fault!

My name is Moe Syzlak, and this is my side to it.

Ps; Sorry that had to be so cheesy
Pss;Anyone wanna free flaming Moe?
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Want to know what the intro to the Simpson would look like in real life? Now आप can! What do आप think about this clip?
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20th Century लोमड़ी, फॉक्स टेलीविज़न
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