द सिम्पसन्स How it all Started!! Also Quick Bios of The Simpsons!!!!!!!!

KrustyTheClown posted on Jun 13, 2010 at 06:02AM
FOX network's most successful series to date. A segment spinoff of "The Tracey Ullman Show," this animated series depicts the ups and downs of the Simpsons, a strangely typical American family living in Springfield. The family includes Homer, a father whose head is often ruled by his stomach and who works at the local nuclear power plant; Marge is a loving, nurturing mother and wife who tries to keep peace in the family; son Bart is a smart-mouthed hell-raiser; Lisa is an intelligent and philosophical middle child who plays jazz saxophone; and baby Maggie communicates her thoughts via various sounds on her pacifier. So ill get to the point lets get a simpson short conversation going from "The Tracey Ullman Show"

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