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alemenmann posted on Apr 14, 2012 at 06:47AM
So, i saw this game on another spot and really liked it.. (credits not mine :))

Step by Step:

Step 1: Someone posts a quote. The quote looks like this:
Letters = ----
Space = /
. & , are the same.

Step 2: Someone else guesses a letter. only one letter at the time.

Step 3: If the letter is right it will fill out the blank. Let´s say G is right then it would look somthing like this --g--.

Step 4: Once the letter is guessed you will recieve a prop from the person who posted the quote.

Step 5: Once someone has guessed the quote. They´ll post the quote, the person who posted the real quote will answer if it was right.

Step 6: If the quote is right, the person gets 5 props for guessing the quote.

Step 7: The person who guessed the quote will post a new quote.

Step 8: You have 5 days to response, after 5 days someone else can post a quote.

So... 1 prop for each letter, 5 props for the quote.. the person giving the quote has 5 days to respond max and the person you guessed the quot posts next.

have fun

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