The Secret वृत्त (TV Show) Some बिना सोचे समझे thoughts on the CW's Secret वृत्त

vanszerelem posted on Jan 14, 2012 at 10:04AM
At first I was really excited about this show, because I love shows and movies about Witches. Unfortunately when I first saw it, by the end of the episode when the “bad” girl conjures up a storm I was like

So I stopped watching it, forever confused as to how this pilot was greenlit. Then a little while ago I saw they were holding a marathon leading up to what I could only assume was a life changing episode for the characters. I started watching all the episodes I hadn’t seen waiting for it to get good. Besides a short run in with a Demon who waits 10 minutes before attacking the story was largely uneventful with the parents of the children killing everybody who got on their nerves (I exaggerate but it felt like that.)

But finally in episode 8 it got good. Spectral appearances, a dead body is found. Awesome. I love a dead body. Then some dude with an uneven jawline shows up. Dark magic is boiling inside the innocent blonde. I gotta say, I did not expect to ship Cassie/Jake. But I do. Because Adam is whiny. I ship him with no one. Not even Diana. Also the grown ups are taking a back seat to the teens. Finally. I can’t stand Faye’s mom or Diana’s Dad.

An everyone should calm down about Faye. She is not that bad.

So I hope it continues the way it’s going and gets better and better and lands in the good campy fantasy shows box. These have been my random uneven thoughts about The Secret Circle.

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