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lumforever posted on Dec 30, 2011 at 07:21PM
HI guys! welcome back! Anyone from parts 1-6 is welcome back and if your new just make sure to ask one of us. so... Let's start off where we left off! ;)

(a girl is sitting in a dark room looking threw a glass ball. she can see our characters in their current situations: Arekkusu & Holo, Star in the hospital etc..)

Girl: The time has come. (laughs)
Bat: For what?
Girl: You'll see. he he. (touches the tip of the ball) oh you'll see.

InuYasha: where the hell is Moka?!
kagome: InuYasha relax. she said that she'll be back in a while. she just had to take care of some stuff.
Moka: (walks towards out characters) Hi guys! im sorry i was late! i just had to deal with something. (smiles)

Rin-ne: How is Star doing?

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