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posted by phangirl2009
Somewhat good news, well i guess it depends on how आप look at it. But before i begin to ramble, here it is. I was on यूट्यूब talking to someone when i decided to check out my subscriptions and decided to check out a new phantomreviewer video. well, im not sure if i have all my notes in the right place but it sounds like there will be a new phantom दिखाना production. its simply named phantom (of what i kno) and the phantom has a kick नितंब, गधा mask that looks like he came back from a heavy metal concert. i like it! if u want to check it out, heres the link. if it ever comes on tour, i mite do my best to see it *optimistic look*

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संगीत video द्वारा Emmy Rossum (christine) गाना The Great Divide
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emmy rossum
the great divide
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