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I can't believe that I have to go to school on my birthday!!! I wish I was just cuddling with my boyfriend ponyboy and watching movies!!! But no my parents just had to make me come to school!!! The school दिन is almost over and I still haven't seen ponyboy anywhere!!! Where is he?? He never misses school!! Is he okay?? I haven't been able to focus at all today I've been so worried about ponyboy! Finally the घंटी, बेल chimes to signify that it's the end of the दिन and I rush out of school. I run as fast as I can towards the Curtis house and as I'm running I look up. The sky is getting dark and it's...
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I woke up and the house was silent. I looked all around and found a note on the रसोई, रसोईघर table.
"Went with Danny to meet a friend, be back in a few hours"
Great, I thought crumpling up the piece of paper. What was I gunna do now? So I grabbed a peice of टोस्ट and headed out the door hoping not to get jumped again. I wasn't even two steps out when I saw a fight break out across the street. I ran over and saw three kids beating up this kid. I didn't know what to do. That's when I found an empty कोक bottle lying on the ground and smashed the end off of it. I started to step closer and closer to...
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When he found out it was Two-Bit he was ok. After the movie we all headed home. I was going to sleep over at Carli's and Ponyboy's house. टट्टू went to the lot with Johnny for a little while. Me and Carli walked to her house when we got ther we went to Carli's room to set up how we were going to sleep. द्वारा the time it was 1:50 we were all freaking out. At 2:00 am Ponyboy walked in. "do आप know what time it is? Well it's 2 o'clock in the morning kiddo." "I fell asleep in the lot.I didn't mean to." "You did what? And I can't even call th cops because we would get विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up so fast that it would...
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I stared at him not believing what I just heard him say.He loves me but it was jusy this morning when he कहा he hated me.I was alittle freacked out.I couldnt say anything I just stared at him with my mouth opened and my eyes wide.
He was looking at me with hopful eyes waiting my replie.I didnt know what to say he looked so innocent and sad.I sat there for a moment longer thinking of the feels I had for him.I do प्यार him I just never thought that I would be telling him that."Ponyboy आप know that I have feels for आप even from the begining."I कहा looking at him strait in the eyes.He...
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You were lying on the रसोई, रसोईघर floor, shaking, breathing heavily.

Steve had come in, alcohol on his breath, swaying back and forth, not able to walk in a straight line.

“Steve, are you…” आप start, but are cut off with a slap.

“Shut up, bitch.”

आप sank to the floor in disbelief as he staggered into your bedroom.

And the tears ran down your face, and the hyperventilating began.

So here आप were, lying on the रसोई, रसोईघर floor.
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The अगला two week were pretty good I was healing very fast and before I knew it I was up and cleaning house and working in the yard.Darry was superised at how quick I leared everything.I would whatch them do something once and then the अगला दिन they would catch me doing the samething.
While my dad and brother were at work we snuck over there and got my stuff.My clothes,my makeup,my शावर, शॉवर stuff,my laptop amd my books.We went घर and set up the guest room so I could have my own room and get off the couch.
The room looked real good like a girls room,It was also very comferable.I set...
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Best of Two Bit
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आप sighed.

How were आप going to tell him आप got laid off?

Y’all needed money… आप had just bought a house, and money was short.

So of course आप had to lose your job.

आप walking into your house, and flop onto the couch. आप were pretty much done with all the stress.

Darry walked out of the bathroom, towel around his waist.

“What’s up babe?” He said, chuckling at the sight of आप sprawled on the couch.

“I got laid off.” आप mumble.

He’s silent for a second, taking this in. “I’ll pick up another shift.” He says.

“No, no.. आप don’t have to…” आप start.

“No.. I’d make और money than आप would. It’s gonna be fine I promise.”
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आप were sitting in your shared apartment with Sodapop. आप two have been together for two years now. आप met in school a long time पूर्व but didn't notice each other that much. आप decided to go to his brothers house to see everyone. The whole gang loved आप so much. आप saw them there. आप knew Soda was going to be there cause he told before work. आप hugged and किस each other. He was अभिनय weird the past couple of days. Everyone was talking and laughing. "Hey Soda are आप going to ask her?" आप looked at Steve who was looking at Soda. "Yeah I just don't know" he said. "We'll do it fast"...
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When we got to Buck Merril's place all I could hear was the sound of cheap music. There sure is a party going on here. Now let's just hope Dally is here. When we knocked on the door Buck appeared. "What are आप here for?" He was drunk. "We need to see Dally.", Johnny explained. "He's busy.", replied Buck. We don't have time for this I thought. "Just tell him it's Johnny, Pony, and Carli, man, he'll come." "Fine." After what seemed like hours Dally finally came. "Wadaya guys want?", he asked. "Johnny killed a Soc.", टट्टू told him. "Good for you." I can't believe he just कहा that to Johnny....
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