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first I read it in class
then I watch the movie
then I think about what I have in common with characters
my eyes layed on Johnny
he was shy
he depended on his फ्रेंड्स yet he can watch for himself
I was in so much pain from friends
I thought I could depend on them
they did so much but I always let it slide if it wasn't on me
but that group had a ...thing they would usually do
they picked on one person with a small flaw
and they diside to ditch her
that's what they do
in about a महीना they are out of the group
I've known that since दिन one
I've never known it would last so long
4 years. that's pretty...
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posted by outsidersfan_14
I rushed into my room and plopped on my बिस्तर throwing my पुस्तकें at my desk, my aiming was perfect .... almost. A bunch of papers spewed unto my floor. Groaning i got up from where i lay only a few measly सेकंड्स and went to pick up the papers. They were mostly school papers from last साल i didnt care about. I tossed them into the wire trashcan sitting अगला to my डेस्क carelessly. I picked up the last thing on the ground, a yelow tore up folder that looked flamiliar. I opened it ciriously and those words i worked so hard on last साल flashed before my eyes- when i stepped into the brightness...
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posted by greasergirl96
The school घंटी, बेल rang. It was friday, the school let out. it was two-thirty. I usually wait in the hallway to walk घर with my फ्रेंड्स but not today. I sat on the bench outside of the school and dropped my पुस्तकें on the ground. The wind was blowing my long brown hair, but it was pretty warm outside. i was looking down at the sidewalk and a shadow came over me. I looked up. "Hey Ponyboy." "What are आप doing sitting all alone?" He said. "I dont know, i dont want to go घर right now." "Why arent आप walking घर with Two-Bit?" I asked him."He got suspended remember." "Oh yah, for beating up that...
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i felt like लेखन a one-shot. i like them. maybe ill write more...

September, 1967

will आप blindly follow me
when im goin nowhere?
will आप keep your faith in me
when i dont have a prayer?

i stood on my front porch and waited. waited. waited for my फ्रेंड्स Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade, Two-Bit Mathews, and Steve Randle. we were going to school together. i impatiently tapped my foot. if they didnt hurry up, we were gonna be late. the cool, light, September breeze kicked my long, golden brown hair around. i pushed it outta my face. i looked at my watch. "damn आप guys!" we were definatley gonna be...
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“What are आप guys doing?” आप ask, kinda weirded out at Soda and Steve.

“Having a staring contest.” Soda says intensely.

“Umm… Ok?” आप say.

“It’s all part of the epic battle of who gets to ask आप out.” Steve says.

“What the hell, man!” Soda yelled, and slapped Steve’s arm.

“Owww.” Steve says, looking down to examine his arm.

“Haha yes, I win!” Soda laughs.

“Not fair man!” Steve yells.

They start going after each other.

Oh god.
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"Why don't आप get a real job?" आप scream at your boyfriend Dally. आप two had been fighting a lot lately about money. "Maybe आप should get one yourself!" He says back. "Excuse me? I stay here all दिन cooking, cleaning and making sure the house is fine, while your at "work" doing God knows what!" आप feel your face heat up. "What did आप just say" he says, angry द्वारा what your inferring. "Dally," आप lower your voice. "I see the way आप look at other women." "Don't ever accuse me of cheating on you!" He booms back. आप hate it when he yells, it scares you. आप begin to silently cry, and you...
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The radio was blasting, the TV was on high, and the washing machine was going.

“Darry?” आप call as आप walk into the front door of his house. “What’s going on!” आप yell as आप see him in the kitchen, making eggs.

“What?” He yells.

You go turn the radio off. “What’s going on?”

“It’s too quiet.” He mumbles.

“Well, आप had the radio on full blast and the TV going.” आप say.

“Because it’s too quiet.”

You smile up at your boyfriend. “You miss them, don’t you?”

“No…” Darry says.

“Yes आप do.” आप smile.

“Just a little.”

“I don’t believe you.”

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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“Tim.. Are आप serious right now?” आप ask your boyfriend with that you-have-to-be-kidding-me look.

“Yes. I am 100% serious.” He says, grinning.

“You’re joking.”

“No I’m not.” He laughs.

“Yes आप are.”

“Come on (Y/N).”

“Fine.” आप say.

आप take the बीयर, बियर from his hand and chug it down.

“There.. Are आप happy with my chugging skills?” आप ask.
The opening credits of movie the Outsiders + song द्वारा Stevie Wonder
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ponyboy curtis
stay सोना
stevie wonder
added by greasergirl96
i nooo this doesnt really have anything to do with the outsiders except for "stay सोना ponyboy" buttt.... its really funny!!!! hahahaha I प्यार RALPH MACCHIO!!!!<3
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johnny cade
stay सोना