I know that most if not all the originals fandom really प्यार and support the whole women power that Rebekah is going on and on about, and believe me I have always wanted her to get back at Klaus for the shitty treatment I always wanted to her to bash his head to the दीवार 1000 times, but she’s one of the weakest and idiotic people I have ever seen on tv, this coming from a Rebekah प्रशंसक since the moment she came on tv in TVD. I have always understood Rebekah and defend her, and her freedom of picking the men she loves, hated how Klaus dominated her as if she’s his propriety like he owns her.

nevertheless let’s look at this objectively, let’s look at all Rebekah past प्यार over the centuries we have the hunter, she knew he was hunter she saw him killing वैंपायर in front of her own eyes, she knew that there were other hunters and they were on their trill, she get herself and her brothers stabbed and almost killed because let’s be real they are magical hunters they would found a way to kill the originals. Then comes the governor son, I mean common of all the noble men that she was around she picked the governor son the one guy that’s too risky to be with, a guy if turned will break the alliance between the governor and the originals, he’s a threat to her and her siblings and everything they have helped to build. Look at this choices so far both men were a threat TO HER and HER SILINGS, one of them deceived her and gave the impression that he “loves her” then stabbed her. Stefan & Damon were both in प्यार with Elena and she knew that completely yet Damon a 100+ years old was able to trick her to sleeping her get to her head and find out about the oak tree, Stefan was able to sleep with her get her occupied while the rest of the gang killed her brother Kol. Finally we come to Marcel, a guy who picked himself over her and let her rout in a coffin for 52 YEARS, then he basically invited a psycho witch to chase Klaus off the city calming that he wanted to do that for “Rebekah’s sake”, and like a teenager she believed him and conspired with him AGAINST her BROTHERS (while screwing herself in the process btw) and told him about Mikael, I mean this one of her many stupid ideas what did she think was going to happen exactly Mikael will chase Klaus & Elijah and won’t come after her I mean seriously did she think this through um…. No and she STABBED her brothers in the back with the SAME guy who STABBED HER IN THE BACK in the first place, this guy then took advantage of the originals (HIS FAMILY the FAMILY that raised him) running way from their enemy and getting what he REALLY WANTED which is RULING NO, because if he really did “love” Rebekah like he कहा and he brought the witch to give her “freedom” या whatever CRAP he feed her he would have went after her and tried to keep her सुरक्षित but all he ever wanted was POWER, and Rebekah was the easy mark/way to get that power further PROOF of that in the present दिन he yet again filled her head with oh so ever romantic ideas about wanting to build a घर for both of them and showed her the landscape but again if he really wanted that WHY didn’t he go after her?? He used her venerability to yet again GET WHAT HE WANTS, WHICH IS TAKING POEWER FROM KLAUS, it worked like a charm, she again plotted AGAINST her brother with the world’s most stupid idea I mean REALLY did she really think she could take on a HYBRID with 100 so वैंपायर and some chains?? And even if it did work she would have been partner with a और selfish version of Klaus who already SCREWED her and her FAMILY over और than ONCE, did she really think that he would accept ruling NO with her? That they would be equal partners? That he wouldn’t find a way to get ride of her too?
When the plan didn’t work decided to blame Klaus for her own unhappiness, the reason THIS and I mean ONLY THIS time she’s unhappy is because she all द्वारा herself picked the WRONG guy, yet she blamed it all on Klaus, Marcel is the reason she’s unhappy. I mean wasn’t she planning on leaving NO because she wanted to feel free then why is she back picking a bone with Klaus when he’s finally for real and for the first time in his life is trying/starting to change?? Yet again she depended on weak and selfish people (terry) who left her the mint a crazy witch showed up then he left NO या at least Klaus & Marcel house. Then she dared called Elijah a hypocrite, Rebekah the girl who प्यार too easily and got fooled द्वारा every man she ever loved that lead to almost destroying her and her family, who every guy she picked या choice gave her a choice to turn over her family and she did EVERY time with any सेकंड thoughts, called her brother who hasn’t been always the “best” big brother but tries and tries again over the centuries never giving up hope on his family.
Now I know all of आप will call me names and tell me I’m blinded द्वारा my प्यार for Klaus या Elijah to say all that about Rebekah या that I’m the weak women या whatever.

I will respond to that द्वारा saying I AGREE 100% that Rebekah deserves to kick the shit out both of her brothers and even dagger them for 1000 years या so for all the shit they put her through over the years, she really deserves to get her justice from both of them and they have to किस her feet and be grateful for having an amazing sister like her sticking द्वारा them no matter what.What I don’t agree with is how it was handled, how the writer made her look this vulnerable, how they made all of things pill up against her, how they made her look stupid, how they made her look weak and get back to a guy who screwed her over और than once. I’m disappointed with the writers they could have handled her story line so much better and she deserves that. They could have made the women power story line so much better, but there’s a lot GOOD points that can be used against her and her judgment, with the way she goes about getting her justice from her brothers. I’m only saying this because I प्यार Rebekah but the writers are running her I really hope they improve on it in the future for Rebekah’s sake.

Please टिप्पणी दे thanks