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I really wonder how do people see "so many plot holes"? Because I can see ONLY TWO and even they are relative.

A plot hole is something that causes the plot या a part of the plot to not add up या to not make sense. These two फिल्में don't have such, as all आप have to do is pay attention to what is कहा and how it is said, and at some points to use common sense.

1.) The cub's डिज़ाइन and the ceremony.

But officially that is not a plot hole. As डिज़्नी has made it official it is "Fluffy"/Kiara in the movie universe. As in introduced no one else in the फिल्में - basically we just have to accept that...
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Some very talented people have made an absolutely lovely, special प्रशंसक dub!
lion king
simba's pride
lion king 2
प्रशंसक dub
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just thgohut i दिखाना आप a video my freand compleated its kopa everyone he has a movie what this trailer we have not decided rather या not it will be offical. there for its पोस्टेड its just for fun like thw other video i posted.
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my freand made this hope आप injoy
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