[This is a प्रशंसक Fiction as to the backstory of the human elegy of emptiness statue. It's in his perspective too.]

आप know, I don't even know who I am या what I've become for the past 5 years. I don't feel anything right now... I remember what happened to me, so I'll tell you.

I didn't have a family, या any money. I चुरा लिया खाना from the local shops at clock town. Nobody actually liked me at all. they called me "The Green Theif", which I think was pretty mean. I didn't have much of a choise to, I wasn't old enough for a job, and द्वारा then nobody would help me. I liked going to great खाड़ी, बे and snowhead, but the only place I never did go before was Ikana Canyon. One दिन I went there, which I regret doing after all these years. I decided to go to Ikana गढ़, महल and meet Ikos Du Ikana. I wish I didn't now. when I went inside Ikana castle, it was dark, and I couldn't see much. But I saw Ikos Du Ikana look up from his trone and stared at me. I sommoned the courage to walk towards him.
"Who are you...?" He asked. "...I don't have a name, I guessing आप might know me as The Green Theif..." I replied nervously. Ikos Du Ikana got up from his सिंहासन and knelt down infront of me. "You are ब्रेव young child. I know आप have no family. How would आप like to be taken care of?" he asked.
I looked really exited, but I didn't know what he meant until now. when I कहा yes, he grabbed my arm tightly. I jumped and tried to get my arm free, but he started to drag me along the floor to a stange room and he laid me on a cold, flat rock. I tried to get away, but the rock I was on must've been magic, because I was stuck. Ikos Du Ikana held up a small stone that had notes on it. I tried to read them but before I knew it, he put the rock on my chest, and I felt my दिल stop beating. I saw a brisght light flash, and now here I am. ...I am the soldier with no heart.