द हंगर गेम्स Best Katniss's scene (Mockingjay part 1 movie)

Pick one:
"Start with what आप know is the truth. My name is Katniss Everdeen."
"You left him there. आप left Peeta in that arena to die."
"I need to see it for myself."
"He’s still playing the game."
"I should wake आप up और often, Little Duck."
"You will hold yourself...or आप will find another Mockingjay"
"He believed in this revolution. He believed in you."
"People of Panem, we fight! We dare to end this hunger for justice!"
"Sounds like exactly what Peeta कहा when आप all called him a traitor."
"You’re all from the Capitol? Plutarch got आप out?"
"Are आप fighting, Katniss? आप here to fight with us?"
"Fire is catching. And if we burn, आप burn with us!"
"It’s not even afraid of us."
"That is the same Peeta that defended आप at the whipping post."
"Cause I’m in pain. That’s the only way that I can get your attention"
"Are you, are आप Coming to the tree?"
"There’s no one on the stairs. She went back for the cat."
"Snow’s using Annie to punish you. He’s taunting us with them."
"He’s punishing Peeta to punish me. No. No, I can’t do this."
"She knows that Peeta is the Capitol’s weapon...she’s going to get him."
"I never asked to be The Mockingjay. I just wanted to save my sister..."
"He’s in there...You should be there when he wakes up."
"Peeta! Peeta! Get off! Get off of her!."
Katniss watches in horror as Peeta is strapped to a bed.
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