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effie trinket
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This द हंगर गेम्स प्रशंसक कला might contain hip boot and thigh boot.

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when i walk on द्वारा girls be looking like, he gonna die. i need to be fed luckily my job is to make the bread. this is how i roll pants on आग outta control. i'm that fool with the strong नितंब, गधा arms, when the cameras go up i turn on my charms. girl look at that body. (3 times)
i bake bread! girl look at that body (3 times) i bake bread! when i walk outside this is what i see, Katniss Everdeen is looking at me, i got a loaf in my hand and i ain't afraid to throw it, ( 4 times) i'm peeta and i know it! ( 4 times) when im at the games im painted like a rock trying to survive the days. when im in a...
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