द हंगर गेम्स What if....... (Plot twist game!)

kornikopia posted on Feb 10, 2014 at 06:57AM
I thought of this game that would be good for this spot , here's how to play :) one player will say a lead off question starting with "if..." . Than the next person will say what they think would happen in that situation , as well as their own random THG related "if… " question

Example :
Fan 1 : what if ...Katniss didn't volunteer ?

Fan 2 : prim would be in the games and would become allies with rue, just as katniss did, but unfortunately is killed by Cato.

What if Thresh and Rue joined the careers?

Its up to you how brief you want to respond or how much detail, just have fun! Also, Please don't be rude about what a fans response is even if you disagree since we are all just making up what we believe might happen :)

I'll start :
What if… Gale was the male tribute reaped with Katniss ?

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