The House of Anubis Who is your favourite parent/realitive?

Pick one:
Mr. millington/ amber
Mr. millington/amber
john clarke/ poppy/ jerome
john clarke/poppy/jerome
piper/ patrica
poppy/ jerome
ninas gran/ nina
ninas gran/nina
robert frobisher smythe/ sarah/ kt
robert frobisher smythe/sarah/kt
eric sweet/ eddie
eric sweet/eddie
caroline denby/ harriet
caroline denby/harriet
frederick mercer/ joy
frederick mercer/joy
jasper chouhary/ fabien
jasper chouhary/ fabien
sarah frobisher smythe/ kt
sarah frobisher smythe/ kt
ade rutter/ fabien rutter
ade rutter/fabien rutter
victor rodemnaar sr./ VR. jr
victor rodemnaar sr./VR.jr
joy/ willow
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