Why doesn't Gollum try and hunt down Bilbo over/during the 60 years that he has the ring?

I've not read the appendix so it might be in there, I was just wondering because to Gollum its basically his life and it's all he want yes?
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Book-Freak said:
He did, actually. After a few years - in which he presumably searched the length and breadth of the Misty Mountains - he left the mountains but the trial had gone cold. I believe the reason he waited so long to leave the mountains - excluding the fact that the mountains were huge and would have taken years to खोजिए - he was still afraid of sunlight and moonlight. Eventually, though, his longing for the Ring was too much; he left the mountains.
After that, he wondered around searching for a trail (remember that, although Gollum was sly and exceptionally cunning, his mind was not as refined as it might have been - because of longing for the Ring and years of seclusion - and he relied on a trail to find Bilbo), making his way south towards Mordor (unknowingly, as all evil in Middle Earth was being subconsciously drawn to Mordor द्वारा Sauron). In Mordor, he was captured and tortured द्वारा Sauron's minions for several decades until he broke and told Sauron everything he knew about Bilbo and the Ring, which is how the Nazgul knew the rough area in which to खोजिए for Bilbo. He was released after this - his captors probably expecting him to die - but the pull of the Ring was too strong and he was drawn to it again. He crossed Middle Earth, attemping to find Bilbo, but was captured द्वारा Aragorn, who had been searching the Wilds in order to find his, as द्वारा this point Gandalf had realised exactly the danger he was. Aragorn left him in the custody of the Wood Elves in Mirkwood, but he escaped and crossed through Misty Mountains, where he started following Frodo and the Fellowship.
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आप did such a good job answering that i just have to give आप a thumbs up! its nice to know that there are other people in this world that knows their Tolkien पुस्तकें ^_^
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Oh thank you! I प्यार Tolkien, and pride myself on my nerdiness!
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