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posted by danielle607
Okay, am I the only one who thinks Spencer belongs in a mental hospital?! He goes off on people for no reason. Yeah, he's cute and everything(kinda), but if he's gonna be a wild maniac, he needs to go. Heidi is a beautiful woman and everything, but all this surgery makes her look so fake. Her mom was right, and Spencer shouldn't get mad because he just wants a trophy wife! When Stephanie was at the BBQ and started crying she was just getting emotional, dude. She didn't mean to cause any harm. And besides, it's his freaking sister! And to make it worse he went off on her, I bet she felt bad when he did that! He really should calm down.
हे guys! My first Soapbox article! Pls share your thoughts!

So on this episode Whitney finally proves that she can handle her Teen Vogue job. Whitney and Lauren organize Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood bash w/ a fashion दिखाना (Marc द्वारा Marc Jacobs) at a very pretty church! Their jobs seems interesting but very stressful when they end up starting the दिखाना 30 मिनटों late (9:30pm to be exact)! But all was cool b/c the दिखाना was a huge success! Hillary Duff, Emmy Rosum, Hayden Panettiere showed up! Btw it was Whitney's idea to include a fashion दिखाना for the first time at the party. प्रॉप्स to Whitney...
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