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posted by meredog
Just so u know Percy is high on coke......

Seaweed Brain has logged on

Seaweed Brain: OMG NO ONE IS ON!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! wait.......

Wise girl has logged on

Wise girl: Percy, y did u say Yay when no one was on???

Seaweed Brain: heelllloooooo my pretty little Annabeth!!!

Wise girl: *blushes*

Seaweed Brain: Awwww!!!!! SHAKE MY BUTT!!!!!!

Wise girl: Ummmm what????

Seaweed Brain: I just got down shaking my butt out the window!!!!!!!

Sea God has logged on

Sea God: Percy, sometimes I am embarrassed to call u my son....

Seaweed Brain: I प्यार U TO DADDY!!!!!!...
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posted by universalpowa
Rating: T
Type: One Shot
Genre: Fanfiction, humor

Disclaimer: Mr. Troller [Rick Riordan] owns these characters. I WANT LEO. </3 D8

Dedication: The UK cover of the Mark of Athena. As Tracy कहा on the wall: "Percy and Jason look constipated." Voila, this one shot is born. So don't ask other than that where this idea came from- just- don't.


Leo woke up in his bunk in his ship, the Argo II. He had decided that the number of caffeinated drinks were probably NOT healthy after fifteen cups, and had crashed out with his legs hanging off one end of the bunk. His friends...
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posted by meredog
This continues the The Big दिन या is it? story. So for now on it will be called Hope it Happens because its not the wedding दिन anymore. So before आप all know what happens. Annabeth and Percy get married, Percy dyes, Annabeth almost brakes up with him, bla-bla-bla. On with the story!

Its been a week sense I've seen Annabeth या my friends. Its also my birthday today. I just turned 17 today. Maybe dad will let me see Annabeth and my फ्रेंड्स today. But my dad has been gone for two hours. That's longest he's ever been at Olympus....
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Ah, yes...The Mark of Athena. The अगला book in Rick Riordan's smash series is coming out this fall, and it's high time we try to figure out what's going to happen.

1. First on the list, PROPHECIES.

"Seven half-bloods shall answer the call.
To storm या आग the world must fall.
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes भालू arms to the Doors of Death."

"Seven half-bloods shall answer the call."
First, SEVEN. No other campers will be joining the quest. It confuses me when fanfiction writers include so many other characters on the नाव when the prophecy clearly states SEVEN.
Half-bloods. That means...
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Busted! आप are NOT a chicken! What do आप have to say for yourself, आप lying Aquila? How can आप live with yourself being away from your legion? How can you!?!?

Now that my CSI:Snowy places moment is finished; I'm going to talk about the chicken-on-a-stick that Percy's holding on the cover. What is it? What's it story? What is Percy doing with it?

Well; as some of आप know, it's called an Aquila.

This is what an Aquila is, according to page 74 of 'The Romans for dummies' द्वारा Guy de la Bédoyère (it's actually a very good book);

A सोना eagle, only carried when the whole legion was on the march...
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 Pessimism, the key to not being disappointed.
Pessimism, the key to not being disappointed.
Before I start, note that I am being serious. However, whether आप want to take it seriously या not is up to you.

It has come to my attention that everyone is really REALLY excited for the Son of Neptune. Now, आप guys must be thinking that this is a good thing. Well, it's not. Let me explain द्वारा telling आप a story:

One day, a little boy was walking down the सड़क, स्ट्रीट when he saw an ice cream truck coming towards him. Excited, he runs toward it, screaming for it to stop for him. However, he slips and falls, so the driver never saw him and he gets run over द्वारा the truck and dies. The end.

 A symbol of pessimism.
A symbol...
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Title: "The Boy with the Onyx Eyes"
Rating: YC
Type: sad, romance
Characters: Annabeth Chasse, Percy Jackson
Synopsis: It’s not long enough for a synopsis D:
Disclaimer: I own nothing in this story but the लेखन quality and the song

A/N: This is dedicated firstly to two people who will most likely never read this, JK Rowling whose पुस्तकें got me to start writting- something I will never go back on- and Rick Riordan who gave me something to wait for and who's पुस्तकें made me laugh on days when the sky was grey.

To my French teacher this साल who accepted to read a part of my work and who's comments...
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This लेख is listed as guide. Do आप know why? Because this is a guide on how to प्रकाशित करे your fanfiction. Because something went off and we have half-a-million Son of Neptune fanfiction, and the other million being others. And it's great. It honnestly is. But before the लॉस्ट hero came out, we were a very small club and we all knew the active members द्वारा name really! We also had rules about the spot's étiquette and of course, we have rules here about fanfiction.

I really want these rules to be respected, call it a pet peeves if आप must. And I dont think आप all can find that लेख burried...
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posted by HecateA
Am I the only one who finished the book, then cursed at having to wait until अगला fall, then went off theorising about book 2, the Son of Neptune?

If I'm not then good, if I am, then I'm used to it.

So anyways, the prophecy makes so much sense now because of the little snips from लॉस्ट Hero! (hint: when I mention "snips from लॉस्ट Hero, it means there will be spoilers. You've been warned)

First, आप may have forgotten the great prophecy. Well let's freshen that up (febreze! And the randomness begins...)

Seven Half-Bloods shall answer the call
To storm या to आग the world must fall
An oath to keep...
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posted by HecateA
We प्यार our demigods. Love, love, love, fluffy love.
आप probably have at least one आप want to see again. Don't lie to me, I know आप do! I do to. Here are my most likely choices.

1 Annabeth and Percy
Of course we'll be seeing और of Percabeth (or Annacy). Newsflash, we've already seen Annabeth (if आप haven't do yourself a favor and go re-read the sample chapters) and since Percy is most likely going to be found, we'll see him too, at least a bit.

2 थलाया and Nico
I honnestly, really like the idea of "all hands on deck" for the children of the Big 3. Who better to find Percy, right?
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