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posted by satigon
हे हे peeps! My name is Leo Valdes, I am the supreme leader of the Argo II. Sorry ladies but I am now taken! And who is the lucky lady? Benee Variety.

She came to Camp Half-Blood about a साल after me, she is 5 "4, tan skin, black hair, आप know the drill. She is daughter of Poisidon. And guess what time it is? Flash back time!

"Benee stumbled onto the किनारा, शोर in a turquoise कमीज, शर्ट and worn out jeans. I had to say, she was the most beautiful person I had ever saw. Everyone gathered around as she stood up and said, "Is this Camp Half-Blood?"

Chiron walked over and कहा "Yes, welcome to Camp." And five मिनटों later she was claimed द्वारा her father, with Percy just standing there staring at his new sister.
posted by fangirl-dianne
What do आप guys think of my dream cast?

(I may have missed some characters...)

Percy Jackson- Logan Lerman (of course)
Annabeth Chase- Freya Mavor / Alexandria Daddario
Grover Underwood- Brandon T. Jackson
Jason Grace- Alexander Ludwig / Alex Pettyfer
Leo Valdez- Jake T. Austin
Piper McLean- Lucy Hale
Hazel Levesque- Zendaya Coleman / Vanessa Hudgens
Frank Zhang- Zac Efron / Josh Hutcherson
Reyna- Laura Marano / Selena Gomez
Nico Di Angelo- Bradley Steven/ Moises Arias
Drew- Shay Mitchell / Brenda Song
Rachel Dare - Bella Thorne
थलाया Grace- Lily Collins
Hylla- Emma Watson

Tell me what आप think. ANYONE can comment.
posted by extremereader
I think I'm going crazy. I see the weirdest things, and no one else seems to notice them. That या their really good actors. I've seen a cheerleader with one bronze leg, and one donkey leg chasing a guy with an नारंगी, ऑरेंज t कमीज, शर्ट while shouting things that sound suspiciously like something my social studies teacher might say.

Or another time, i was sitting on a समुद्र तट chair at the समुद्र तट close to where I live, and this guy in shirts and a hawaiian कमीज, शर्ट just walks out of the ocean. Totally dry and normal looking. And then he winked at me. Either the worlds greatest magic trick, या something was seriously...
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The Romans are always up there with the Greeks. So what’s up there with Automaton Dragons? Bulletproof elephants! And no, I am not kidding. His name is Hannibal, and according to here:
…and a video in the links, that’s the अगला step for these books.
What? Elephants? Called Hannibal? (you may read every ‘Hannibal’ as ‘Peanut’ if आप really don’t like the name)
But it actually fits in with history. So today we’re going to talk about a lot of things, but the center of it all is going to be Hannibal!
Let’s get started!

Who brings an हाथी to war?

Okay, so my friend Hannibal...
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