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 Annabeth and the Mark of Athena
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mark of athena
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This लेख might be perceived as boring for some, but I thought I might share my thoughts about what might happen in The Mark of Athena.

First of all, I would like to focus on how Rick Riordan has changed how he writes.
He has taken into account that his readers have grown up a bit.
So now, there are some dark angles to the plot.
For example, Hazel's story with her mother and Gaia. Suicide to protect the world.
Leo watched his mother die, which was the result of murder.
Octavian stabbed a fellow Roman, and killed her.
Medea's back-story.
Well, आप get the idea.
So, I think there will be some...
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posted by Amphitrite
So we've finally gotten around to discussing it! The sword, that is. I think we all zeroed in on Jason's weapon when we read the sample chapters, but we haven't really discussed it. We all know that it has to be important, but where in the Hades did it come from? Did he get it from an immortal parent? Did it come from a God या Goddess who favors him? Was it forged for him via a talented child of Hephaestus या a cyclops?

Well, आप know I've done some research, so here we go.

So, I'm sure everybody has performed a basic खोजिए for a Golden Sword in greek mythology, and the first answer everyone...
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1. Percy's POV

i opened my eyes and found myself laying in a bed. i looked around and saw about 20 other beds in the room. The funny thing is that i have no idea who i am! Now that i htink about it i have no idea who i am!
"What is this place?" i कहा to myself.
Not expecting anyone to answer i jumped when i heard a girls voice respond, "The infirmary आप idiot! आप passed out in the middle of capture the flag. Which we लॉस्ट द्वारा the way..."
I turned my head to the doorway. I saw a girl about my age...how ever old that is. 16? 17? UGH! way can't i remember?!
She had blonde hair and grey eyes....
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