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So, I'm लेखन this for the लेखन Competition #1, Demigod Sports.
I raked my brain about five million times and decided on this.
Gladiator Battles.
Who wouldn't want to see हाथी Frank face off against Percy? Well if आप do, too bad, cause that isn't gonna happen.

The Rules of the Arena
-No powers.(Boring right?)
-No dirty sparring.
-No assistance from gods.
-No unleashing feral and और than likely mortally dangerous जानवर on your opponent.

The Arena?
It's pretty much a miniature Colosseum in Camp Jupiter. Reyna thought it would be a great idea to build it and everyone agreed...until Octavian...
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 The False Doors-- our Egyptian doors for death to pass through. Image credit: Various sites on गूगल Images, meaning, I forgot where. ._.
The False Doors-- our Egyptian doors for death to pass through. Image credit: Various sites on Google Images, meaning, I forgot where. ._.
I went through the Doors of Death today.

Okay, I didn’t really. So don’t worry, I’m not dead. Nor am I using the free Wifi in the अंडरवर्ल्ड (Thanatos hogs it with his fancy iPad...meanie) thanks to...my extremely obnoxious friends.

But I’m not here to talk about my weird फ्रेंड्स with lots of issues. I came to intertwine series. And give some new ideas to the Doors of Death.

Let’s start very beginningly-ish with The लॉस्ट Hero. Well, I’ll start with the END of the लॉस्ट Hero actually. The part where Jason died? Oh yeah. He died. Like, really actually dead. But why is he still alive?...
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I think I'm going crazy. I see the weirdest things, and no one else seems to notice them. That या their really good actors. I've seen a cheerleader with one bronze leg, and one donkey leg chasing a guy with an नारंगी, ऑरेंज t कमीज, शर्ट while shouting things that sound suspiciously like something my social studies teacher might say.

Or another time, i was sitting on a समुद्र तट chair at the समुद्र तट close to where I live, and this guy in shirts and a hawaiian कमीज, शर्ट just walks out of the ocean. Totally dry and normal looking. And then he winked at me. Either the worlds greatest magic trick, या something was seriously...
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Never mind the title, it's a लोकप्रिय French song that my फ्रेंड्स had in their heads recently. If you're really interested here's the link, but it's really not necessary for you.

What is necessary is the checking out of Ella the Harpy on the हीरोस of Olympus website! Actually, not even that, because here is the info!

Ella the Harpy

This is not your typical ridiculously skinny half bird half woman. Ella the Harpy is और than meets the eye, and a very useful ally for demigods Percy, Hazel, and Frank.

What does she do? If an encyclopedia could take the form of a woman (or bird), it would be Ella....
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1. This is a spot for all Percy Jackson lovers. All gods, goddesses, demigods, titans, monsters and mortals are welcome.
2. This spot is dedicated to The हीरोस of Olympus series. Only discuss the series here, and spam as little as आप can.
3. Please no fights या rude टिप्पणियाँ if आप don't agree with somebody. Try to be polite, since all gods, titans, monsters and demigods are related and we are all a big happy family.
4. Please no movie videos/posters/reviews/information/criticism on this spot. First, it is totally off topic. Second, we all have different opinions about the movie, and I don't...
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 This is a greek omega, and it looks cool.
This is a greek omega, and it looks cool.
Seriously, I think I'm gonna go insane with the number of लेखाए that came out today.
Naw, just kidding. Universal here! (if आप couldn't tell द्वारा my sarcasm- once again, just kidding) With a बिना सोचे समझे लेख about...
Yeah, the possible deaths of our loved/not so loved characters.
There might be another सूची of this in the articles, but this is with my own ideas this time. And maybe they don’t have the same characters I do? Plus, I saw a सवाल about it and made this so long it became an article.

So I give you, my epicly long सूची of CONSPIRACY THEORIES:

1.) Percy-

Woah! There's a big one here!...
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