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the लॉस्ट hero
percy jackson
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Me: Ok, Percy do the disclaimer.
Percy: Why?
Me: Because..
Percy: Why?
Me: I will get the Flying इंद्रधनुष Duct Tape of Doom.
Percy: NO! NO! Okay. DragoniaWolfe does not own me या any of the characters.
Me: I wish I could.

Nobody was harmed in this chapter.

Percy's P.O.V

"Bianca!" I called. She turned. "Yes?" She said. "You can't go in!" I said. "Why not?" She asked. "Because, you're new at this. I can't let आप go!" I yelled. She started to turn to go at the robot. "I am so sorry Annabeth" I whispered as I ran toward Bianca. I quickly took Riptide out of his pen form...
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Title: The लॉस्ट Tales of the Wilderness School

Parts: Chapter I - Chapter X

Genre: Humor, Adventure, FANNFIICCTTIOIONNN (says in high opera voice and breaks windows)

Characters: Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, and various other faces...

Disclaimer: Me no own. Uncle Rick does! Wooo! We प्यार you!

A/N- This takes place right as The Last Olympian is going on, but those months before The लॉस्ट Hero. Okeey dokey? :D Also I didn't put this in the मंच is because there simply was too few chapters to waste and entire posting. So I'm doing it in articles. :D

CHP I: आप are here! :D
Next: To be uploaded sooner rather...
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