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 A reaction to the ending of लॉस्ट Hero
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Some of आप might have had this reaction when आप read that final sentence in The लॉस्ट Hero.
the लॉस्ट hero
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This द हीरोस ऑफ ओलिंपस चित्र contains मोबाइल फोनों के लिए, हास्य पुस्तक, मंगा, कार्टून, एनीमे, कॉमिक बुक, and manga.

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 Coming down to the समुद्र तट
Coming down to the beach
Here is chapter two, टिप्पणी दे please

(Still Jason's point of view)

Jason watched as the ship came to shore, the figure jumped from his spot and landed cleanly on his feet. Jason asked "who are you?" The man replied "name's Sinbad, yours?" Piper took over and कहा "I'm Piper, that's Jason, and that's Leo." Sinbad looked at them, and he asked "your demigods right?" Jason nodded and कहा "I'm the son of Zeus, and Piper is the daughter of Aphrodite, and Leo is the son of Hephaestus." Sinbad replied "pleased to meet you." It was quit for a moment an then Jason asked "would आप like a tour of the camp...
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posted by minervadawn
So if any of आप have ever been over to the डिज़्नी princess site and stopped द्वारा their articals section आप might have noticed all the "my डिज़्नी princesses" lists. So I thought that since we have our own "heros" lineup over here that I'd take a leaf from their book and make a my seven सूची telling आप all which are my favourites and why.

7. Jason
I do like Jason. I like that his life parallels Percy's and would प्यार to hear और about what he and the Romans did to defeat the Titans. I also really want to see him and Percy faceoff so we can settle this who's stronger business one and for...
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posted by Aphrodite100

My name is Octavian. I'm eighteen, and I'm Camp Jupiter's augur. Which means I cut up useless teddy bears and read the will of the gods.
I'm scrawny and pale; and a descendant of Apollo.

I sighed as I walked into Jupiter's Temple, ready to murder the teddy bears that must have nightmares about me. या so the rumors say.

I grumbled, not in a very good mood as I grabbed some बिना सोचे समझे गुलाबी teddy bear. आप see, I don't just read the messages from the Roman gods in the stuffing of innocent bears; they talk to me. And I am not going crazy. Almost all the augurs have that kinda power.
Anyway, just...
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Tomorrow is April fools day.... Connor and Travis's प्रिय दिन of the year. And this is the first साल they are spending April fools दिन at Camp in 2 years. This is also Percy's first April fools दिन with the Strolls around. Everyone else at camp knows its bad to be at camp on April fools दिन with the Strolls around. No matter who warned Percy about the Strolls, he didn't believe they are that good at April fools day! So he just ignored it and went on with his normal activity's.

Tomorrow is April 1st, and Connor and Travis have something big planned out for Percy.

Aphrodite केबिन told Percy...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
This Family पेड़ is a "tree" दिखा रहा है families that are related to the Olympian gods and the Olympian demigods after World War I या the First Titanomachy. The start of the family began with the earth goddess, Gaea, Ouranos या Uranus, and/or Tartarus.


Immortals | Father | Mother | Title
Ouranos | None | Gaea | Primordial god of the Sky and Heavens
Gaea     | Chaos | N/A | Primordial Goddess of the Earth
Oceanus | Ouranos | Gaea | Titan God of the Ocean
Coeus     | Ouranos | Gaea | Titan God of the North and Intellect
Krios     | Ouranos...
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posted by Perseus54321
I was पढ़ना the Maximum Ride पुस्तकें again and Fang's blog made me think of Nico as I think they are similar characters. So I came up with 'Nico's Blog'. Please प्रस्तुत करे सवालों to answer.
Disclaimer:I'm a fourteen year-old sophomore, do I really look like Rick Riordan?

Nico's blog: दिन one
Hello all आप people that happen to be surfing the internet या have heard about this and have no lives of your own! This is Nico di Angelo's (yes, the very hot, funny, dark, good-looking, charming, hot, intelligent, witty, hot and muscular, did I mention I'm hot?) blog, coming live (as much as a computer can...
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Okay, so this isn’t going to be a long, full of theories article. It's just going to be short, sweet, and honestly, kind of stupid. It’s mainly just for discussion of a little bit of information…Hazel, Hazel, Hazel…

Name: Hazel Levesque
Gender: Female
Eyes: Golden, like 14 karats
Hair: It’s long, curly and brown and I keep it glossy with चमेली shampoo.

Hometown: New Orleans but I moved to Alaska on my thirteenth birthday.
Loves: Riding horses, art, and the sun since I spent so long without it in Alaska. And I’m also pretty talented when it comes to manipulating dirt…
Favourite comfort...
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I was checking out myth and Mystery (Rick Riordans official website and read about olimpians week this is what its about:

Its a seven-day, coast-to-coast celebration of Rick Riordan and The हीरोस Of Olympus series.

Each दिन is named after a cabin. Hades (monday), Athena (tuesday), Ares (wendesday), Aphrodite (thursday, Hephaestus (friday), Poseidon (saturday),(and of course) Zeus (sunday)

Stay with me here comes the theory. Im not 100 hundred percen sure its right but it's a possibility.

Zeus (Jupiter)=Jason

anyone see where im going??? for those of you...
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