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 A reaction to the ending of लॉस्ट Hero
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Some of आप might have had this reaction when आप read that final sentence in The लॉस्ट Hero.
the लॉस्ट hero
Fanpup says...

This द हीरोस ऑफ ओलिंपस चित्र contains मोबाइल फोनों के लिए, हास्य पुस्तक, मंगा, कार्टून, एनीमे, कॉमिक बुक, and manga.

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(Derived from a यूट्यूब टिप्पणी दे I made on CassjayTuck's HoH review.

Jason: Disliked
Piper: Disliked
Leo: Liked
Jason dealing with amnesia seemed to just be a way of saying Rick needed to iron out the character concept. Piper did not feel heroic in the slightest and her MacGuffin power did not help.

Percy: Liked
Frank: Borderline
Hazel: Borderline
How I felt about Frank and Hazel at the time, although looking back both are super badass, fighting giants and willing to die for the greater good respectively.

Percy: Disliked
Jason: Liked
Annabeth: Disliked
Piper: Disliked
Frank: Liked
Leo: Liked
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Percy, Thalia, Annabeth and Grover are heading to Central Park to fight the Titans when they run across a group of unconscious mortals. As आप may recall, the god Morpheus put all the mortals in Manhattan to sleep before Kronos' army attacked the city:

The lights of the city were blinking on. I guess they were on automatic timers. The streetlamps in the park glowed, making the lanes and the trees look spooky – like we needed any और spookiness.
थलाया stopped and tensed, like she was catching a scent. “I’ll be back. Need to check the Hunters on the right flank.”
Her bow appeared in...
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Zoe stepped आगे as of to एक प्रकार का जहाज़ Percy but

before Atremis could say something " Smack

Percy and आप won't live to tell the tale" I

growled Zoe backed away with an impressed

and astonished face like she can't believe I just

कहा that to her and Artemis looked impressed

as well " Yes I am Artemis goddess of the hunt

but Sabrina how did आप know I was Goddess of

the Hunt?"

" I'm not stupid! आप are my प्रिय goddess of

all time Artemis" a tingle went down my spine

me saying the felt right "I know आप have no

patience for wandering creatures wild beasts

are आप prey is that not obvious" I said...
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हे guys!! I'll be uh posting a पूर्व दर्शन of the fanfiction I'm gonna post. Basically a crossover. Just tell me what आप think of it, and I'll post the rest as soon as I'm done. [Hi book-worm!! *waves] So yeah. There. After this. Hah. Okay.

1. SADIE: Camp...Strawberry Services?!

Hey – okay, wait a second…[taps on microphone] हे Carter! Is this thing working? What – of course I’m asking you! You’re the nerd here! [silence] Oh, ah, I see the tiny red light. Never mind, it’s working!

Okay, let me start that introduction in a better way. Ahem. Long time no see, mates! Sadie Kane is back,...
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Okay, I had a dream last night. I know, I know. Dreams do not come true but it has something to do with the new character. Okay, I think the new character's name is going to be Samatha.(random guess.) Now, I could say, most people DO NOT want the new character to be a daughter of Neptune. Before I woke up this is what Poseidon/Neptune said, "You are a daughter of Neptune."

Other than that, a pattern I figured out या sorta figured out.

Lets go through the PJO books:

Lighting Thief: Quest
Sea of Monsters: Quest
Titian's Curse: Quest
Last Olympian: Battle.

Lets go through the HoO (so...
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So for all those people who have been yearning for that Percabeth reunion. Rest assured that it will be coming in MoA.
And guess what? Rick says he usually doesn't write cliffhangers all the time. But this time MoA has a cliffhanger ending. Imagine how that would be! If some of his not so cliff hanger endings seem like worse cliffhangers to us - imagine how that would be!
And finally we know Nico has a key role in MoA! Yay!
And for those in this club who have been recently pondering about Calypso. Rick has an answer.

Here is the exact way he answered questions. कहा he usually doesn't but since...
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I was पढ़ना Percy Jackson, like always, and a sudden inspiration hit me. I wondered...what if there are people in the U.S. right now that have these names in the story? I have started out with the Seven from the prophecy, and am going to add और later. Add this to your bucket list: try to meet one of these people before आप die! Enjoy!

There are 4 people in the U.S. with the name Perseus Jackson.

There are 113 people with the name Frank Zhang.

There is 1 person with the name Piper McLean.

There are 10 people with the name Hazel Levesque.

There are 103 people with the name Jason Grace.

There are 61 people with the name Leo Valdez.

There is 1 person with the name Annabeth Chase.
So if आप havent read the other chapters आप wont uderstand whats happening unless आप have someone explane it to you. And if आप do have some one to explane it to आप I will give them some time starting now!....................... Ok times up. Hope आप like this!

No! I cant be dead! What about Annabeth? What will she do when someone finds my dead body? Oh gods no. No! I promised I wouldnt let Athena kill me. This cant be right! I'm dead? No! I cant be! What am I going to do?

"No. Who killed me? It was Athena wasnt it?" I say

"Yes, sadly." Death says

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Chapter 1- Annabeth
Annabeth was nervous. There she was leaning over the edge of the Argo II waiting to see her boyfriend—Percy Jackson—who she hasn’t seen in over eight months. But something kept tugging at her mind. What if Percy had changed? Fell in प्यार with some other Roman girl and forgot all about her? No. She couldn’t afford to think like that. She spent those eight whole months trying to look for him, and she never gave up on him. Would he? The Percy Jackson Annabeth knew was a loyal person, then again he supposedly लॉस्ट his memory. Maybe he didn’t even remember her.
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I'll try my best on making the story good!


Sitting at the back of the Argo II wasn't as fun as it sounds, especially if you've got तितलियों in your stomach. "What if he doesn't remember me, what if he's got another girlfriend?" annabeth asked worriedly. "calm down, he will remember आप don't worry." soothed Piper. Piper became one of Annabeth's best friends. She was the daughter of Aphrodite and had the Gift of a charmspeaker.

Leo, the builder of the great ship saw Annabeth's look of worry and कहा "Don't look...
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I ran, and chased after the beast with my "sister", या rather fellow hunter. I ran up to Lillian."Any idea of what we're facing'?"She asked me, not slowing down. I listened to the roar again."Sounds like a sphinx, “I informed her. She nodded."Come on, let's try catching up!"She yelled, already farther than she should be, या well normal people should be. See, she's a descendent of Arcus, or, as we like to say as Greeks, Iris. So it's only natural that she's speedy.

I panted, catching up."Don't do that!"Then a giant roar sounded."It's behind me, isn't it?"I asked, not turning around.
I guess...
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The Mark of Athena
Chapter I
Breathe, 60 feet, breathe, 50 feet, breathe! “Leo, can’t आप make this contraption go any faster!” I snapped. “Chill Annie you’ll get to see him soon!” Leo replied. I could see his beautiful dark hair, his sea green eyes. Hehu, hehu, hehu, hehu! Oh, crud. Blackness. I awoke with 10 worried faces looking down at me. “Are आप all right Annabeth?” Jason asked, worry contorting his regal features. “Yah, yah, I’m all right.” “It’s going to be fine so stop worrying and stop hyperventilating,” Jason said. It had been 8 months since she...
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Hello, so here we discuss the first chapter of MoA. I have a few theories on it. I will post them. Please respond with your theories too.And sorry if anysuch लेख has already been posted, I haven’t found one. Tell me if it is a repeat article.
So as most of आप know, the official first chapter for Mark of Athena has been read द्वारा Rick Riordan. This has confirmed that Annabeth will have a PoV. And many are convinced that she is the seventh demi-god. But there are many puzzling things about the chapter. Here we go:

•     Until...
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