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 A reaction to the ending of लॉस्ट Hero
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Some of आप might have had this reaction when आप read that final sentence in The लॉस्ट Hero.
the लॉस्ट hero
Fanpup says...

This द हीरोस ऑफ ओलिंपस चित्र contains मोबाइल फोनों के लिए, हास्य पुस्तक, मंगा, कार्टून, एनीमे, कॉमिक बुक, and manga.

posted by Rickfan
This is how many people crush who!
And who wins? Drum roll please. *Drum roll*
And the winner is Leo!
The सूची for Boys
Percy:4(Percy प्रशंसकों watch out for Annabeth)
Stoll Brothers:1
And who will win in the girls side! Let's see, Drum roll please.
*Drum roll*
And the winner is a tie! Annabeth and Piper!
The सूची for girls
And this is the end of the दिखाना How Many People Like Who, good night, and demigod!
posted by Jasonfan44
Heyo! It's JF44 here. Some people know me for my टिप्पणियाँ about who's gonna die. Well, I thought of sharing with आप with some of MY theories on who's gonna die.

1: Annabeth: Yes, we all have probably either read या watch the video of the first chapter. So Annabeth is most likely the 7th(probably the most vital). Remember i the SoN when Frank was talking to his grandmother about the whole thing? How 7 was an unlucky number? While I was thinking of when the ship landed in Rome, I was also thinking of what could happen to Annabeth while in Rome because she is the 7th demigod of this prophecy....
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Title: Hanging Onto the Past
Part: An Unexpected Find

Rating: T (to be safe, lol)

Type: Fanfiction

Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns all the characters.

[A/N- This may या may not be continued. Maybe later when I find the time and patience to continue it. for your enjoyment! :D]


An Unexpected Find

The past is hard to let go of.
“Lieutenant! There is something on the radar!” a girl about the age of eleven said. Another girl about sixteen walked over to her companion, and frowned.

Her expression remained calm and unconcerned, but her eyes showed a flicker of surprise...
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posted by DevilTriggerDMC
Hi I am DevilTriggerDante from fanfiction.com and here as DevilTriggerDMC. I'd like to give my thanks to venus143 who got me into this website. That's all. Enjoy.



Far, far above in the swirling iridescent rays of moonlight, the heavens lit itself aflame in harmless silver crests and waves to alight the visions of Mount Olympus into clearer clarity.

The muses played their sad tunes of Nocturne as the chariot of Apollo set under the horizon of California's northwest coasts.

The winds swept the cool air throughout the different levels of altitude, bringing the temperature down in a mass plummet...
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posted by universalpowa
Title: Following Like Thunder

Rating: T (paranoia)

Type: Fanfiction/One Shot

Characters: Piper McLean, Annabeth Chase, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez...

Disclaimer: All characters are owned द्वारा (c) Rick Riordan.

[A/N- There was an error with this लेख which I lack the skill and ability in which it gets cut off.

If आप want to read the full version,
its in the comments.
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Well, I forgot to put in an Authors Note (cuz I know how much आप प्यार 'em!) but I was wondering if it would be worth it if I started this kind of story. Do आप guys want me to continue? Actually, answer that सवाल after you've read this, lol. I know it's kinda short, but it's a Prologue, so the other chapters (if आप want them) will be MUCH longer. I personally like when authors write long chapters :) And so, with that, ENJOY! :D (And tell me what आप think!)


Leo Valdez was in a pickle. He lay in a टैंगल्ड heap of ropes, pulleys, and nets on the deck of the half-way built Argo II....
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posted by _Aphrodite_
Everyone heard about the new prophecy of the Mark of Athena.

My theory is that the story is somehow about The Royal House of Athens.

A brief summary of the story.

A family was marked. There is nothing stranger told in some of the events in their lives.

The king Cecrops of Attica was only half human.

Cecrops, lord and hero,
Born of a dragon from waist down.

He was responsible for Athena becoming the protector of Athens, instead of Poseidon. Athena grew a जैतून पेड़ grew on a deep well, that was the most prized trees of Greece.

If आप didn't knew the जैतून पेड़ is symbolize as Athena as well as a...
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posted by greekOmega
Disclaimer: All this stuff is own द्वारा Rick Riordan

The mark Of Athena


    Percy looked at the giant नाव that was landing at camp Jupiter. This could be the best दिन since he had woken in the भेड़िया house, या the last. He knew that Annabeth and his other fellow Greek demigods were inside that ship. And Jason. Jason Grace, Praetor of the legion, the slayer of Krios and the लॉस्ट hero of Camp Jupiter. Jason was the only one that could prevent Octavian from executing him. Sure, he could beat Octavian easily in case of emergency, but he couldn’t beat the entire legion, not...
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This लेख contains spoilers. If आप haven't finished the book, I suggest आप leave now. :)

OK! First off, I'd just like to begin with a HUGE spoiler! I will have had to wait 2 and a half years (including TLH sample chapters)to see Percy...
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posted by sylviakitty348
Okay, just assume that SoN never came out in this, kay? I only edited in Octavian :) Its just like, a short little hopeful scene for Percy and Annabeth. Now, here's the thing: I know, I know. I went from first person I, me, my to third person he, his. But thats just for when he's describing the dream. I didnt realize that I had done that till i finished, and, to be honest, i didnt feel like going back and fixing it :P Okay, so, ENJOY. :)

The Son of Neptune



I walked on in the forest, deep in thought. The blonde haired girl with stormy grey eyes was in his dreams...
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posted by AmazingPercy
So we all know that the seven going on the ship have the parentage of

and we know that
coming back to it
coming back

So we think that Hazel is Pluto and Frank is Mars
They could be but their names could be different
Hazel can be Ceres या some other demigod
And Frank can be Mars cause of all the weapons but his last name means master of bows so he could be Apollo

there are definetly seven demigods going but there could also be fauns/saytr

Juno also कहा in chapter two that they would have to make some sacrifices it could be...
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posted by UnoriginalName
After having arguments over why demigods don't use बंदूकों with my friends, I decided to do this. So I figured that there wouldn't have been bullets for the बंदूकों untill the end of book 3, so this is how the पुस्तकें might have turned out had demigods used common sence (and guns).

If Demigods Used Guns…

*Announcer's voice* Book 4.

*Cheery little tune*

Chapter 14

The crowd screamed insults at me, but Antaeus raised his hand for silence.
“Weapons,” he insisted. “And then we will see how आप die. Will आप have axes? Shields? Nets? Flamethrowers?”
"Just my gun" I relplied.
The gates opened again, and...
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posted by rapunzeleah123
Chapter One
Annabeth's POV
Camp Half-Blood, द्वारा the cabins
Late evening

"You coming, seaweed brain?" I laughed. Percy--my boyfriend!--came running up the hill, panting. "Geez, Annabeth! आप could beat a dryad in a foot race!" But he was smiling that incredibly cute grin, that always made me melt. What was it about that smile?
Anyway, he stepped toward me, putting his hand on my cheek. I leaned in, expecting a long kiss, but our lips had barely touched when Percy cursed. "Campfire!" I rolled my eyes and grabbed his hand. "C'mon..."
We ran toward the trees where smoke curled up toward the ever-darkening...
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हे guys haven't written a लेख in months so gotta get the creative juices flowing.

And what if Hera had a child,she always gets mad at Zues but what if like a dude like so handsome she fell off her wagon and he या she was like one of the 7.
And Artemis swore an oath to maidency what if she had a child and it was a BOY. And then like this is the 7.

Jason = Leader
Piper = stratigist
Leo = commander of आग (flame on)
Hera child
minor god child
Artemis child a boy
and a son of neptune/greek ?

And i have this thought that Rick likes put twistes on पुस्तकें so what if he made percy and 2 romies go to camp(roman) and like he acts as son of neptune (hence the title)then and then like after the quest like Rick कहा the जवाब of the 2nd prophecy may lie at another camp so wat if dude comes and hes a son of poseidon and shows up when percy remembers stuff.
posted by wisegurl
This लेख is about meaningful/weird lyrics that go with percy Jackson/heroes of Olympus-

I found out these weird lyrics in "sparks fly" द्वारा Taylor swift. They go perfectly with annabeth and Percy going missing in the लॉस्ट hero...

Hit with those green eyes
Gimme something that will haunt me when ur not around.

^^ it's kinda ironic because Percy has green eyes, and now he's gone...
This  relates to the 1st great prophecy.  
It's "firework" द्वारा Katy perry. 

If आप only knew what the future holds,
After a hurricane comes a rainbow.

^^ "knowing too much of your future is never a good...
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posted by halfblood963
हे it's Halfblood here to represent halfblood's everywhere.
Well im here to talk about The Son of Neptune.
We all know its probally about Percy and his adventures as the son of neptune (darn आप Romans except Jason of course) But आप see i was thinking what if the son of neptune is about two demigods.Of course Percy because he's well Percy.
And then आप see i have a prediction that theres only gonna be new people and what if Percy was like an eight then at the end the greek camp confronts the romies then everyones kinda फ्रेंड्स then the oracle's both talk deeply and say i see the future of these...
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Well, the शीर्षक explains most of it so let's cut to the Chase because I feel the pressure building up inside of me. :/

1 Why the Hades/Pluto/Freya Jason flies

So this one was born when I was writting today about Jason having to fly off to save someone and Thalia, two feet planted on the ground, shooting arrows. And I thought, would nobody have bothered telling थलाया she can fly?

And then I scanned through the सूची of things Jason did that थलाया didn't. (NO I do not think being a पेड़ changed her power somehow. Well...)

This was the first thing I thought of.

"You're back. How did it go?
Jason hesitated....
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added by HermionePiper
हे guys, it's FantasyLover543 and I seriously have no idea how to write this thing and I know I'm going to regret it later but here goes-

First of all when I read TLH (the लॉस्ट hero ,duh) I liked it. I liked it very much. Here I'll like to add that unlike all(or most) of आप I read TLH before I read the PJO series(if आप don't know what PJO is आप don't deserve to be here). So it was my first time experience of this Greek-gods-are-alive-and-kicking-and-they-also-have-kickass-demigod-children world. And I admit that I liked it. But आप know what I liked most in the book? No,it wasn't Leo's awesomeness...
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added by luvseaweedbrain
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