द हीरोस ऑफ ओलिंपस The Son of POSEIDON(neptune)

xmylullabyx posted on Mar 05, 2011 at 05:44AM
First off the SoN is entirely Rick Riordan's.
This is a son of neptune fanfiction I just used Poseidon so that the name would be different from other's fanfiction(bad at making up titles)
And I like the Greeks more than Romans(peace to all of you roman fans maybe I'll like them more when the REAL book comes out)
Please be kind it's my first time writing a story and I don't know if I should continue it.
Feel free to comment.
Anyway let's get on with the story...

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना xmylullabyx said…

A sixteen year old boy with black hair and eyes like the ocean was climbing up a hill . Atop it is a magnificent white pine tree draped in something gold that glinted against the setting sun. He was halfway up the hill when a hooded figure appeared out of nowhere just five feet away in front of him, blocking the view of his destination.

"No, young hero you must not go back. Or else we will all be doomed."
The unknown woman said with so much authority in her voice, but the green eyed boy kept trudging uphill pretending that he haven't heard her at all.

"Even without your memories you still persist. Wake up fool. It is not time to go home yet. WAKE!" The woman snapped and her final word boomed across the rolling hills. Then the boy disappeared in a flash of golden light.

"You can come out now I know you're there." After the woman said that, a girl about the age of twelve with gentle brown eyes came out from behind the pine tree.

"Such strong will to go home, isn't it?" the girl sounded older than her looks.
"It must be amusing for you, but it's troublesome to me. I've already been through this five times. I wonder….."the woman was lost in thought asking no one in particular.
"Home is where the heart is. And a person will always return back home." the little girl said a bit dreamily.
"And the boy's heart is his friends." she added as if this cleared everything up.
"FRIENDS!-the woman spatted the words with strong distaste - He will not need friends in the place where he is going. What he needs most is to survive."
After the woman said this the girl's gentle brown eyes looked at her with sadness in them. Silence filled the air. And the girl finally said:
"I must go, I still need to tend the hearth." and she disappeared in a flash of golden light.

Even after the girl disappeared. The woman stayed rooted to her place. She was staring at the same spot where the boy stood moments ago.

"Perseus Jackson you must survive. For it is necessary for my family's own survival." and just like the teenage boy and the girl earlier, she too disappeared in a flash of golden light.

Miles away from that hill in the forest of another camp. A clueless Percy Jackson with no memories at all except his dreams woke up with a start.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blakerose12 said…
big smile
Great start ! btw do you or will u have shcedule of each chapter? And keep writing!:)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TheMagicWord said…
It's a good prologue, but I won't be sure I like the plot until the main story starts.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना myth-freak214 said…
keep going. this is interisanta
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना xmylullabyx said…
Sorry!I can only post short chapters and I'll post randomly since I'm a slow writer. Thank you for commenting!

Here it goes....

Chapter 1
The Talking Wolf

I woke up to the distant sound of a howling wolf. I bolted to sat upright and immediately felt sore all over. My head was throbbing from immense pain as if someone cracked my head open. The howling sounds got nearer and my heart started to raise. I stood up and no, I'm not going to run I'm never going to run away. Suddenly I felt alert and I can clearly see everything around me. The thick trees that seem to have eyes and sometimes head pop in and out of their trunks, the grass rustling in my feet, and the orange sky above me. I felt my pocket out of instincts, I didn't really know what I was looking for. I was busy rummaging through my pockets when the howling died down and I felt a presence sneak up behind me. When I turned to look. What I saw was a wolf with golden eyes, thick white fur and was double the size of a regular wolf. It bared its glinting sharp white fangs on me and started to growl. Suddenly running away seemed like a brilliant idea. I had to control myself from asking what brand of toothpaste she use, it was a stupid question since a wolf can't brush it's own teeth forget about talking to answer me.

"Who are you?"
That's not weird…Okay, I take it back. The female voice came from the wolf who was now circling me. I was about to reply when I realized that I didn't know my own name. I racked my brain to remember my name. Then it hit me that I can't remember anything at all.

"Who am I?" I asked myself stupidly.

"Stop fooling with me, answer me if you know what's good for you."
And I know what's good for me so I'm just gonna make up a name....hmm.
Shut up internal voice I'm thinking of a name here. Oh...wait right Perseus sounds familiar, maybe I'll just go with it.

"Um, Percy. I think" Yeah, I'd rather be Percy than Perseus, not that I don't like Perseus it's just...a little too classic.

"You think? What do you mean?" the wolf snarled at me.

"I can't remember anything else." I replied. The wolf stopped circling me and started sniffing me. She backed away almost immediately and looked at me from head to toe. Do I really smell that bad?

"So it has already begun..." the wolf said with a dreadful tone.

"Excuse me?" what does she mean already begun? I held back my tongue. The wolf ignored me and started walking away to the forest.

"Follow me" she said.

I didn't want to. I have a feeling that she'll bring me to her cubs so they could have me for dinner. But I have no other choice I don't have anywhere else to go.
And I have this feeling that if I disobey this wolf I will be down with Hades in no time.

*a pic of Lupa, just imagine her 2x bigger
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 Sorry!I can only post short chapters and I'll post randomly since I'm a slow writer. Thank आप for co
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big smile
Love the chapter post soon!!!!:)
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Post soon!!
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Ppplllleeeaaaazz post with a cherry on the top !!!