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lamy221 posted on Jan 30, 2011 at 09:17PM
ok this is really stupid... but i saw like two pics that has percy and some bird kid from maximum ride in it so i said what the heck and now im creating this.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना lamy221 said…
percy meets max.
p.s. this is percy's veiw. and he is not taken and put with the romans.

So i was just sitting there when i saw something in the sky. At first a thought they were just birds, and i was only watching them because i was board and sore from a hard capture the flag earlier today.
After a while of watching them, i noticed that they were getting much, much bigger. I might have thought they were huge mis-formed birds or maybe a a pegusus (sorry, didnt spell that right), if they didnt have shoes and a human like figure.
i turned to the girl next to me, -Annabeth? tell me those arent flying people.-
She sat up, -flying people? where?-
I pointed them out and she frowned, -ok, thinking those are flying people.-
We stood and watched them get closer and closer. soon i was able to tell that there were 6 of them, if you dont count the flying dog. yah, i said flying dog.
The one in the lead noticed us, and she shouted something to the dark looking guy next to her.
All of them studied us, and by the time they started to fly over to us, we were joined by grover.
The lead girl divied bombed into be, a hand at my neck, and threnting to kill me.
/oh gods/ i thought /get this flying chick off me/
Then one of the kids stepped up and said, -max... you sould get off him.-
the girl who was trying to kill me glared at the kid, -and why is that, angel?-
The girl had curly blond hair and looked around 6,-He wasnt going to hurt you.-
i heard shouting comeing our way, and then a saw chiron and a buntch of campers running at us.
the girl, max, cursed and pushed off me. She and the other flying freaks got into a stance that i could only describe as a stance that looks like they are going to rip your head off.
Then a diffrent girl who looks younger that max but older than angel gaped at chiron, -is that a horse, and a man?-
The tallest male, who was blond and had eyes that seemed to be glazed over said, -A horse-man? nudge, you are crazy.-
chiron frowned at the bird-kids and said, -percy, annabeth, grover? do you know these... how sould i say it..-
Max scrowled at chiron, -yah i know, freaks, mutans. we get it. And you 'aint so normal ether.-
i stepped up and said, -hay watch it. chiron is a centar (did i spell that right?). There are no winged mortals. unless you are a really strange harpie.......-
Annabeth looked at me, -percy, harpies are chicken people. not mortal people.-
i rolled my eyes and said, -that why i said strange harpies, annabeth-
One of the boys who looked a lot like angel, but a little but older burped and said,-harpies, centars?-
The middle girl, nudge, said, -isnt that like... i don't know.... roman?-
Annabeth glared at her and said between her teeth, -No. Romans are long gone. history. We are GREEK. like zeus, athena, and hades.-
Then the one who has glazed eyes said, -Zeus? Athena? Hades? what the heck?-
the small girl, angel, took his hand and said, -gods, iggy, they are talking about greek gods and goddesses.-
she turned her blue eyes on us and asked, -your demigods?-
i stiffened, and grover gulped.
annabeth stalked up to her and said, -How do you know that? no one knows. no mortal knows. not even ones with wings.-
angel backed off, and max got in annabeths face,- keep away from them. and what does demigod mean? tell us now!-
-Niot until you tell us how that freak knows about us! And how can you see us!-
Then the dog, they flying one, said, -see you? what does that mean? are we NOT suppost to see you? Oh and angel can read minds. get used to it.-
i stared at the dog, my mouth wide open.
/yep, im looseing it/
but then a camper said, -did that thing just talk?-
/ok, maybe not looseing it/
Angel and the boy who looks like her kelt next to the dog and hugged it.
-tatal isnt just a THING. and yes he can speak.- the boy said.
the dog, tatal, lifted his head and said, -thank you gazzy.-
i blinked, -how can he talk?-
Max opened her mouth to reply but the guy next to her said, -long story. lets just say he was an experiment for evil sientists who want to end the world.-
Then one of the older aphrodite girls strolled over and said,-And who are you.-
max answerd for him, -thats fang, my boy friend.-
Annabeth took the chance and said, -what evil sientist? and how did they plan to end the world?-
They blinked at her,-havent you heard of us? we have been all over the world. evil sientist are trying to make superhumans like us. part animal, part human. Why havnt you heard of us?- Max said.
-well maybe we were saving the world from a titan who wanted to end the gods so he could rule the earth and if he did that then we would all be dead!- i snapped.
Annabeth cut me off with a hand to my mouth. the others looked wide eyed at me. woops.
iggy spoke up first, -Gods? titans? what in the world?-
they all looked at angel, who was looking at us, and she said, -they aernt lieing. at all. they are demigods. half god, half human, or mortal, as the would say.-
Then it was a long, awkward moment. then a dragon jumped from no where.
the bird kids backed away, looking like they were going to pass out.
-It the bronze dragon! run!- annabeth screamed.
i pulled out rip-tide and charged the beast, annabeth followed.
-apollo, to the trees! athena, hermes! charge from the side. ares, follow me!- i shouted.
after a very difficult battle, and after ten people died, we sent the dragon back into the forest.
i turned back to the bird kids and said, -where were we?-
so we told them all about our life, and they told us about their's.............

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना AmazingPercy said…
Who is Max?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kaylap1410 said…
I hate Maxium Ride please don't finish this! Percy was never meant to meet Max.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना magicgirl123 said…
kaylap1410 hey! if you dont like this then dont read it. me, on the other hand, like this and whant to know were it goes. It could be interesting
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kaylap1410 said…
Sorry but just don't think these characters are comparable and neither do my friends who love both Percy Jackson and Maximum Ride. Please don't yell at me!
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