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eyal10 posted on Jan 17, 2011 at 12:39AM
rating: YA
Tipe: Accion, Adventure and comedy
Characters: Jason, Reyna, Dakota, Bobby, Gwendolin and Hazel
Disclaimer: Some of these characters and some parts of the story are based on informacion given to us because of the book rr wrote.
A/N: Hope you guys like it and pjhero02 is helping me out and writing chapters so were both the authors

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im gonna try to put a new chapter every friday until i finish the book then ill put monday, wendesday and friday
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when you read the chapter can you guys put what you think
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Chapter 1
Hi, my names Jason grace. I’m a ten year old with yellow hair, blue eyes and a pretty good physic for a ten year old. Well anyways, I’m a demigod. That’s right; I’m half god and half human. You know the roman myths about gods and monsters? Well there not myths they actually exist. When God’s come down from Olympus they sometimes have kids with mortals, and the result are kids like me, half god and half human. The only place safe from monsters for us demigods or half-bloods (Which has the same meaning just different name) is a city called new Troya, protected by a spell that doesn’t let monsters pass.
Well, anyway, ever since I was 2 years old, I’ve been a living in new Rome, but before I was accepted as a demigod I had to pass a test Lupa (a wolf about 6 feet tall and 7 feet long. She was completely gray, the goddess of wolves and the she wolf who nursed Romulus and Remus) gave us since she was kind of like the governor of the city. The test was at wolf house were all demigods start their journey. The test was to not show fear. She surrounded me with wolves, but a voice in my head was telling me to pretend nothing was happening and to not show fear. I did what the voice in my head told me and passed the test. “Very good child you passed the test with no difficulty, and at such a young age. You will be a great demigod.” When I was 7 and finally old enough to train, Lupa said I would train with her 3 hours a day. For one hour I would practice in the arena that looked like an exact replica of the Coliseum with Lupa, teaching me how to use a sword and shield. I would run for 30 minutes around it and then Lupa would transform into a human that was 8 feet tall with black hair, black eyes, tanned skin, and nails that were as long and sharp as claws. She would summon a four foot staff, and we would start sparring. I would fight for a hour with armor, and for 30 minutes with a shirt, jeans, and shoes. She would fight with a dress, and each time I won she became more and more aggressive. When I finished my training with Lupa I left my armor, my sword, and my shield, and went to the archery range for 30 minutes to train with a son of Apollo- god of prophecy’s and of the sun- named Bobby. He was 8 and only a month older than me with brown hair and eyes the color of the sun, we became pretty good friends and it turned out I was pretty good at archery. After that I climbed the training mountain, which you had to get to the top of as fast as possible because for every minute that passed more rock tried to throw you off, and it became bigger and bigger until you climbed to the top or started to go down the mountain. I climbed to the top in 10 minutes with a few bruises from rocks. None of the rocks were big because 10 minutes is pretty good time. Once up, I did pushups sit-ups and then went down to go to my cabin. I repeated this for a month and when I was done I was already 8.
there are 12 cabins each representing a different major god. Your cabin depends on who your mom or dad is. If you’re a son or daughter of a minor god you go in a small house that you build with help from whoever wants to help you in a small spot that Lupa gives you.
Well anyway I still wasn’t claimed so I went to the mercury cabin. Jupiter, Juno, Neptune and Diana’s cabin were empty because Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto swore on the river Styx to not have any more children because they were too strong and besides Pluto doesn’t even have a cabin because he is not officially a Olympian even though he is one of the big 3 gods. And Juno is the goddess of marriage and is married to Jupiter so she won’t have relationships with other people and Diana swore to be a maiden forever.
So I was heading to my cabin for a goodnights sleep when night shadow a good looking girl with black eyes and black hair and a tanned skin (aka nightie) daughter of Nox god of the night and shadows ran up to me and said Lupa told me to tell you that tomorrow we will decide in witch legion to put you in. ok I said. See you tomorrow. Bye.
I entered my cabin and went to sleep.
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i know sucky theres gonna be a better version in a few days
ill post again friday and from then everysingle friday
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Chapter 2
After about a month, Lupa decided that I had trained enough to be put into a legion. Everyone has to take a test to determine how good you are at fighting and strategy. You never know what will happen during you test until it does, because everyone’s is different. There all 12 different legions that you can be put into. They are numbered from 1 to 12, 1 being the highest ranking. There weren’t very many people in legion one at the time. Only Marina, daughter of Mars, David Luce, son of Apollo, and James Steel, son of Mercury. The middle legion, 6 is where most of the campers go. It’s an average ranking, not high, but not low either.
The test is determined on how well you perform, but also how quickly you complete it. Some half-bloods, (usually the children of minor gods who don’t have much fighting skill) don’t even live long enough to be put in a legion. They are killed during their test. I’m hoping that won’t be the case for me as I put on my armor and set out for the coliseum where I will be given a test that will challenge my strength, but also my mind as well.
It is tradition to watch other campers as they take their test, and by the time I arrive at the coliseum, most of the camp is already seated, waiting for me to pass, or tragically fail. They are seated by legion; The highest ranked are closer to the front and the lesser ranked towards the back. I am met by Lupa at the entrance on to the wide arena where so many others have been before me. She tells me good luck and I slowly walk to the center of the floor. The crowd silences and I can feel their eyes staring at me. Al of a sudden I am overcome with fear. Am I good enough? I’ve been training for a month but is that enough? Two huge doors, the height of a small building suddenly open to my left, and a dragon walks out.
I don’t’ have much time to think about it as t my first thought is that it’s the hugest living thing I’ve ever seen. I definitely wasn’t expecting something as powerful as this. Does Lupa really think that I have enough skill to beat it? The dragon stood about 30 feet tall, with dark crimson scales and sharp, deadly claws. Its long tail trailed behind it. As if it didn’t look deadly enough it suddenly spewed fire, not at me but the crowd. Most ducked just in time, but some weren’t as lucky. A few campers screamed as their hair caught on fire and their friends around them tried to swat it out. This made me mad. It wasn’t their test it was mine. None of them were supposed to get hurt. With new found strength I charged at the dragon. It saw me coming and turned quickly around, sending its tail flying at me. I didn’t see it coming in time and it hit me straight on. I flew off my feet and landed 10 feet away, skidding on the ground. Somehow I got to my feet and charged again. This time I knew that to get close enough to stab it, I had to avoid its tail. As long I was on the ground it would be able to swing its tail at me. Something told me that I couldn’t take another blow. The gears started turning inside my head, thinking of a way to avoid it. As if an answer to my prayers, I felt myself being levitated of the ground and flying through the sky towards the dragon. He breathed fire at me and then once again at the crowd. I barely managed to avoid the fire directly, but I felt a searing pain on my right leg. Looking down I saw that my leg was red and blistered; badly burnt. I was now angry again that my friends were targeted by the dragon. I felt a tug in my gut, and seconds later I large bolt of lightning shot down from the sky and hit the dragon dead on. All of a sudden I was exhausted. I fell from the sky and landed hard on the ground. I hear a gasp from the crowd. I lifted my head to look at them. They were all pointing and staring at something just above my head. Barely able to stay awake, I just caught a glimpse of a holographic lightning bolt floating above my head before I passed out.


When I woke up I was in the infirmary of the camp. I groaned and sat up. My head ached and there was still a burning sensation in my leg, but I felt healthy enough to get up and move around. I walked out through the doors and out into the sunlight. Camp was busy as usual. Kids were running around, fighting with swords, shooting arrows. I saw Lupa coaching a group of young demigods like me in sword fighting and walked over to her. She explained to me that I am a son of Jupiter, king of the gods, brother of Neptune god of the sea, and of Pluto god of the underworld and of the dead. She walked me to my cabin. On the way she told me that I had showed great courage and I had made the third region. Very good for a half-blood of my age, but I still had room for improvement. I would have the opportunity to move up in rank over the next couple of years.
We stopped in front of a cabin made of white marble that radiated power. I could almost imagine a lightning bolt exploding out of it. I walked in side and set my things on the bunk. It was empty because I was (And still am) the only son of Jupiter. Still a little tired from the test earlier today, I lie down on the bed and instantly fell asleep feeling comfortable in my new home
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It’s been Chapter 3
2 years since I was put in legion 3 and claimed as a son of Jupiter.
I’m 10 and I’m not in legion 3 anymore, you see I had made friends and we trained whenever we weren’t training with our legion with each other and after 2 years we all got to legion 1, Bobby Polo a son of Apollo god of prophecy’s and the sun a 10 year old with brown hair and golden eyes at day and brown at night and a muscular and tanned body, he had this really cool weapon, the sunnier it was the sharper stronger and lighter that the sword became and when an arrow touched the sword the sword became into a bow, the swords name was sol in gladio et arcu, which was Latin for sun sword and bow. Dakota Raw a tanned with black and brown hair and brown eyes daughter of mars god of war who had a regular sword with war paintings and a spear that you stuck to the ground and it became a boar but you could also use it like a spear, or javelin. And night shadow, she had a ring that let her manipulate shadows and make them real and solid but it used her energy so it had its limits. Those were my best friend’s we had a lot of fun, at the moment we were training with our legion arrow and javelin training David was the leader in that since he was the son of Apollo but marina was the praetor she had burned into her skin (forgot what its called and what it means) because she was the one that went to the war councils of our legion since she was the praetor.
I was awesome at archery and javelin throwing since I had found out that I couldn’t fly that I manipulated the wind so it carried me, so I could make the arrow and the javelin go where ever I wanted. After that we trained fighting with swords I righted against nighty (night shadow) who was tough to beat since she used her ring to make her shadow into a bow 10 arrows and a sword and she used mine to make a shadow replica of me that she gave the sword to and made it attack me so first I had to tire her out so the shadows became normal or destroy the shadow and then I could finally attack her. The shadow tried to stab me and I easily parried it she fired 2 arrows at me and I used the wind to make them go back to her but she just let them become part of her shadow again I used the wind to try to take her ring off but she just closed her fist and I couldn’t open i. I used lightning to destroy it and used the wind to make her come closer, she had just enough time to take out her sword drop her bow and we started sparring I sliced she backed away I tried to stab she did a cartwheel to her left and put her sword on the back of my neck. Give up jays; Not when I can do this I started to make the wind push her back but she grabbed me and I went back with her I was exhausted because of using my wind and lightning powers so I gave up.
Good fight; she said
Yeah ditto.
Ok time to eat, and Jason Lupa told me she wanted you to wait here for her; Marissa said
I trained sword fighting against a dummy I stabbed it and then did a spin to the left and before finishing it, i cut its head off. Lupa suddenly appeared in wolf form in front of me and said:
Go speak to the oracle son of Jupiter.
Why; I said
It’s a hunch, after you talk to her go eat and then meet me here.