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So I'm gonna try writing a Fanfic here.
Rating- YC
Characters- Percy Jackson
Annabeth chase
Jason Grace
Piper McLean
Leo Valdez
Nico DiAngelo
Thalia Grace
Chloe Hail
Gods of Olympus
Truthfully, I have not decided all of the characters yet, but we'll see.
Main character- Dylan Knight.
Synopsis- After discovering that a goddess has been kidnapped, Dylan is exposed to the world of the Greek gods, and must set upon a quest to save her.
1. The book is based in the fictional world that Rick Riordan owns. Some of the characters used might be his. I DO NOT OWN THEM.
2. First FanFic :)
3. I'm not the best writer :)
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The Dream
Dylan Knight
You know how they say to rest well at home so we don’t get sleepy at school? I should have listened. Then, I never would have fallen asleep in school. That’s where the problem’s started.

Well first let me describe myself a little. My name is Dylan Knight. My 13th birthday was a week ago. I don’t know who either of my parents are. I go from foster home to foster home, moving whenever I get expelled from school. My parents left me a ton of money, but I won’t have access to it until I’m 18.
I have long hair for a guy, jet black and equally dark eyes. I guess you could call me athletic- I play football and fence. In school, I’m the exact opposite. I’m dyslexic and ADHD, and cause a lot of trouble. I’ve been to too many schools to count. Teachers seem to look at me at the first sign of trouble. This just made me cooler in the eyes of the other kids. They looked up to me for my athleticism and good looks.
But I knew that it wouldn’t last. With my luck, nothing does.

We were in Math class. Math bores me. When will we ever use this stuff? The only classes I was even slightly good in were Gym and History. To me Math was just a place to doze off after a grueling football practice the day before.
So my falling asleep was not as uncommon as the dream that came with it.

I was in a dark palace. There were skeletons hanging off the ceilings, skeletons on the ground, and on the far end of the hall, a huge throne made of, wait for it- skeletons. On it there was a huge person, at least 20 feet tall. His skin was as pale as a ghost’s. His robes were as black as a starless night. His eyes were sad and angry at the same time, like a person who lost something and is now looking for revenge. There was a sort of mad fire in the pits of those eyes. He looked like a madman.
On his head was a war helm, no a ring of flames. Wait- a wreath of bones. Its image kept changing. From it came a sort of power. It filled me with excitement, like a drug. I craved it. I walked forward, probably not the smartest idea, but I was intoxicated by it. Its power increases as I walked closer.
‘So you’re not going to bow in front of a god?’ asked the man on the throne. I immediately went on my knees. No matter what he said his aura made it clear; ‘Bow or Die’. His voice rang with power.
‘You must wonder why I brought you here, Dylan Knight. Look to my Left.’
That was when I noticed that there was another throne in the room. It was made completely of drooping flowers and wilted leaves. This throne was slightly smaller and unoccupied.
‘My queen should be seated here,’ said the man from behind what was now a ski mask. In front of my eyes, the ski mask morphed into a pair of horns. ‘It is imperative that you retrieve her. It concerns both of us. And it would help if you find her before her mother finds out.’
“But, who are-,” I began to ask.
‘Now is not the time for questions. All will be explained in due course. Now go.’
Before I could even say another word, I was gone.
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Among the Dead
Dylan Knight
I opened my eyes. Where was I?
I looked around. It was dark. I was in a graveyard. The air was cold, with just a gentle breeze. On the ground next to me were a sword and a matching scabbard. Its hilt was pure gold. The blade was as black as the dark side of the moon. I picked it up. That was when I noticed there was a boy near me, digging into the ground. He was too busy working to notice me.
I walked over to him. He whipped around and drew his sword- straight towards my neck. What a warm greeting.
“Who are you?” asked the boy, his sword pressing closer to my throat. He was around the same age as me. “Why are you here?”
“My name is Dylan Knight,” I answered. “Why I am here though, I have no idea.” I told him how I met that giant person and he had teleported me here. The boy seemed nice enough, and of course he did have his sword point to my throat.
“I was in Math class,” I started, “when I fell asleep. And I had a dream. There was huge man in room full of skeletons. And he told me I had to find his queen. He said it was important for me as well as him. Then , when I woke up, I was here.”
“A room full of skeletons?” questioned the other boy. “Dark robes?” My dream obviously meant something to him. “And he said his queen was missing? Oh, that’s not good… But, why didn’t he come to me with that news?” All of a sudden he seemed nervous, worried and tired.
That was when the dead attacked.

They came pouring from the pit the boy had just dug. The all had different weapons and armor and weapons from their time period. The only similarity between them all was that their skeletal faces were positioned in eternal frowns. There were about 10 of them in all.
“What?” said the boy. He too, was astonished by the presence of all these skeletons. But he recovered quickly. He raised his sword and muttered a few words in some dead language and immediately 8 undead sprang from the ground. “I can’t summon anymore,” groaned the boy. And he passed out.
The eight friendly skeletons each took an enemy skeleton. That left two for me.
Great. Just great. Now you see what I meant about my luck being horrible.
So I unsheathed my new sword.

Charging 2 fully armed skeletons with only a sword. Sure why not?
Lucky I had practice fencing.
And lucky these two particular skeletons were stupid.
One just ran straight at me. No; straight into my sword. The other put up more of a fight.
It was the skeleton of a roman gladiator. It must have had a lot of practice on the field. Yipee!
He lowered his spear and jabbed. I side steeped and tried a slash of my own. He put up his shield. My sword banged off of it harmlessly. He pushed his shield into me, but I held my ground. To me, it was nothing more than breaking a tackle in a game of football. We went on like this for a few more minutes.
You remember how I said the skeletons were stupid? If it wasn’t for that we were probably evenly matched.
I tried slashing him again. He put up his shield again. I gave the shield a nice hard kick. The skeleton went flying backwards- falling into the pit it came from.
I took some time for me to regain my breath. I looked around. There were no more skeletons. They had fought each other until they turned into dust- not being able to die again. Then I went over and peered into the pit.
I nearly lost my balance from what I saw. The pit went on forever- there was no end to it. It probably went straight into the center of the earth. There was no way the boy could have dug this much. But then again, I had seen some weirder things today.
I heard a groan behind me; the other boy had apparently woken up. Great timing.
He looked around. “Did you defeat the extra skeletons?” he asked.
I nodded.
“You must be pretty powerful. I’m sorry I fainted on you. I was doing some –things- before you appeared. Oh, sorry. I never introduced myself did I?” he held out his hand. “My name is Nico DiAngelo.”

Please comment guys. I want to know what you think :)
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Magical Surroundings
Ever since I have been a little girl I have grown up with magic all around me. Usually they were cheap magic tricks and illusions. But, sometimes they were real.
My Daddy says I am really pretty. But I don’t believe him. After all he is a clown.
He thinks my hair falls in a luscious dark brown mane that would make even my mom jealous. He says my eyes are toffee brown, just like her.
Oh, and he also says my mom is Hecate.

I’ve grown up with this assertion for 13 years. My friends all make fun of me when I tell them this. They believe that my mother can’t be Hecate- immortal Greek goddess of Magic. And I must admit- they have a point.
But then again, what about the magic that I can do? All the other kids put it off as really well rehearsed tricks, but they are not. I am an inborn magician.
I didn’t know what to do- accept my Dad’s words and live as a laughingstock among our big circus family, or to agree with the other kids- agree that my mom was not Hecate and that my dad is loony.

I went to my dad and asked him, yet again, for a picture of my Mom. He said he didn’t have any- it was before he joined the circus and before they even had enough money for a camera.
I asked him, yet again, why she left. He said he didn’t know- but that one day I would finally meet her.
I asked him, yet again, if he was lying. He said he would never lie about something so serious- about the one woman he loved.
And until my thirteenth birthday- I never really believed him. But I never told him that. That would break his heart.
But, on my thirteenth birthday I knew- my mother was Hecate, and she was SERIOUSLY powerful.

Still being a kid, I could not perform in the circus yet, even though everyone agreed, I was one of the best magicians there. They wondered where I had the time and the skill to master my moves. They never understood I was a real magician.
For the last few months I have had a babysitter. He was 15 years old and his name was Mario Forester. He was the only one who believed I could really do magic. While my dad was at a show, he would stay with me and help me practice- levitating and moving things.
Marion Forester was a really cool guy. He was an orphan, and stayed with the circus so that one day maybe he could become a ringmaster. The circus took in a lot of orphans. He said his parents died in a car crash- the same one that left his legs riddled with a muscle disorder. The same crash that also left a nasty scar on the top of his head- forcing him to always wear a cap.
But everyone still loved Marion, which was why he babysat me. Everyone loved me, too. Whenever they were near, they treated me specially, like a spoiled toddler. They would give me special privileges that made all of the other kids jealous. But, when they were away from me all that changed. They didn’t remember why they were nice to me, or what I had done to deserve it. My dad said my mother had this same quality. He called it my ‘aura’. When people were near me, it affected them.

The day of my thirteenth birthday started well enough. My party was going to be in the main ring of our mobile circus. Everyone was so nice to me- probably because of my aura. Everyone was affected by it. We played the usual party games, but with a special circus twist. Like tossing a water balloon around… we toss around pies! We have to try and catch the pies and avoid touching the frosted part at the same time. That’s the circus life!
My cake was magnificent. It was built like a wedding cake with 3 layers each with rainbow frosting. Around the side of each layer was my name, Chloe Hail, written over and over again in purple and black letters. Usually I don’t approve of my aura making people spend so much time and money on me, but hey, you don’t become a teenager every day.
I made a wish in my head ‘I want to meet my mom’. The same as every year.
And I blew.
And that was when the lights went out.

The ring was pitch black. I couldn’t see anybody. I held my hand in front of my face- nope still nothing.
I heard a wolf howling- that was when I become really scared.
Then the lights came back on. No one was in the room. I stand corrected- there were no HUMANS in the room.
Instead there was a bunch of frogs.
BOOM! My cake had exploded. And in its place- a woman. She was beautiful. She was wearing purple and black robes. Her dark chocolate hair fell to the floor. Just looking at her I knew who she was. She was my Mom.
Then I realized my MOM had turned my family into frogs.
“Change them back!” I said angrily. She chuckled.
“Sorry, my dear. I just wanted to show you what I could do. And what you could do, too, with some practice. I will change them when I leave. In their current state, they won’t realize they are in the presence of a goddess.”
“Neither will Dad.” Now that I was finally in front of her, I was angry. How could she have done this to me and my Dad? I had never even seen her before in my life, and she was my Mom.
“I needed to talk to you privately, my sweet. I heard your prayer to me a few minutes ago.” She replied, still smiling.
“Prayer? I never prayed to you.”
“Well I guess the modern term is you ‘wished’. But, same concept. I came here to answer it. And give you some parental guidance.
Now I felt wanted. After years of wishing for her, she chooses now to finally respond. “Why didn’t you come before?”
“Well, 13 is the perfect year to be introduced to my world. That’s when the monsters start coming after you. Plus, if I had come to you before, you would have been stuffed into the Hermes cabin with those insufferable thieves. I have finally have respect within the camp.”
I hadn’t understood a word she said. Except for the part about monsters.
“Monsters?” I asked my voice slightly higher.
Hecate laughed. “Of course, my child. Surely you expected them?”
Honestly, I did. I have been seeing weird stuff for years. “I guess I did… So what did you mean by camp?”
“It is the place where your training will start. That is where you will rise through the ranks amongst my other children. I have never seen one as powerful as you in centuries.”
“Unfortunately, I cannot bring you there. Getting there is an adventure in itself. You must get there with your Satyr.” She looked at the incomprehension on my face. “You know, your Satyr… I’m pretty sure yours is, Marion Forester.”
Of course it was Marion, one of the only ones who had ever believed me. We were going to go on an adventure together. That’s when my spirits fell. ‘Mom… What if we get attacked by monsters?”
“You most certainly will! There’s no better chance to prove yourself. That’s what will make this adventure fun. And that also brings me to your birthday gift.” Hecate waved her hand. A box appeared in front of me. “Open it sweetheart!”
I did. And I gasped. In the box was a wand. I picked it up.
“Try it out, honey. It can transform into any weapon you want. Think of it as 13 years worth of presents from your dear mom.”
I tried it. I thought about a sword in my hand. And it morphed. Next I thought about a bow. It changed into one. I looked up to thank my mom. She was gone.
I heard some groans from behind me. Everybody was waking up. I imagined my bow changing back into a wand. A purple and black wand, for good luck. And I stuck it into my UGGS. And the party continued.
At the same time I started looking for Marion Forester. He had some explaining to do.
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Good story:) I totally thought the one guy was nico before u said!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना MrChiron said…
Haha i did make it pretty obvious :)
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I Get Tutored By a Horse
Dylan Knight

Nico brought me to a place called Camp Half-Blood. We had to get there the hard way, on a variety of public busses.
He wouldn’t explain why I needed to go there, just that it was vital for my survival. After what I had seen that day, I decided it probably was.
Nico seemed to enjoy keeping me in suspense. After hours of questioning I got nothing out of him.
After I gave up asking where we were going, I asked him about himself. He wouldn’t answer that either. He said the two questions were too closely linked.
“Don’t worry,” he assured me.”Everything will be answered at camp.”
Yeah right. They always say that.

“You sure you want to stop here? There is nothing here,” said out cab driver.
“I’m sure,” said Nico. He tossed the driver a huge gold coin. My eyes widened into a huge circle. “Keep the change.” The driver drove away without saying another word. It was obvious that he could barely conceal his joy.
It was strange how the driver said there was nothing here. We were standing in a beautiful valley. I could smell a hint of strawberries in the air.
“Follow me,” said Nico. “We should probably avoid going through the main entrance. It would be a pretty big shock.”
“Why?” I asked.
Nico just smirked.

The camp looked amazing.
There was no other way to describe it. There were tons of cabins. Each was unique. Some had more campers than others. However, the biggest ones didn’t seem to have that many. However one of them, which seemed to have a grass roof, was completely trashed. A group of goat men were leading the rebuilding.
“Not now,” said Nico. “You can look at them later. Right now I should take you to the Big House to see Chiron. He just loved torturing me. I hated him for it. Of course it was probably the same thing I would do, so I really couldn’t blame him.
We kept walking. People stopped by along the way. They said hi to Nico. Obviously he was popular here. Then they asked me if I was a new camper and who my parent was.
“I don’t know,” said Nico. “But, I have a hunch.”
What was that supposed to mean? And why were they all asking about my parents? They were both dead. Long dead.
But I knew there was no point in asking Nico. I would never get a straight answer.
So I followed him. All the way till we reached a big building, built like the ancient Greek Parthenon. It was the Big House.

There was a horse waiting for me. No not a horse. A half-horse. Where his neck was supposed to be was a man. He was a centaur.
“Nico?” said the centaur. “Who is this?”
“This is Dylan Knight, Chiron. I found him while I was trying to speak with Bianca.” Nico told Chiron the story of how we met and my dream.
Chiron and Nico huddled close to each other. They whispered to each other in a different language. I couldn’t really understand or hear much.
I felt so wanted.
“Guys, I’m really sorry to break your nice chat, but I want answers. I’ve been dreaming weird things. I got teleported into a graveyard. I saw this kid summon skeletons. I was attacked by two. And you’re… you’re a centaur.” I was angry at them. They were beings insensitive… well, horses.
“Dylan, I understand why you are mad. You are right, we were being insensitive. We will try to answer your questions,” said Chiron. He had a patient look on his face. He seemed to be used to people yelling at him. “Our usual orientation film will probably not be enough for you.”
And I started asking my questions.
“Well first of all, where am I?”
“You are at Camp Half-Blood,” Chiron answered. “It is a place where heroes train to fight monsters. Everything here is designed to make you survive an encounter with a monster. If you paid attention while you were coming here, you might have seen a variety of activities. Our lava pit, where you must climb before you die. Our woods where you can try fighting a variety of monsters. Our state of the art forges where you can build your own weapons. Not that you will need to,” he said, eyeing my sword. “Where did you get that from? I don’t know what type of metal that is… but, if it works for you, okay.”
I looked at my sword. What WAS it made it out of? It was obviously stronger than what the skeletons Nico had summoned used. There blows couldn’t beat the enemy skeletons. Mines did.
“While we are on the topic of weapons, I should inform you that there are 3 main types of weapons in our world- Celestial bronze, Stygian Iron and Imperial Gold. These weapons cannot hurt mortals.”
“Mortals? What do you mean? You mean I’m not mortal?”
“Well, you technically are in the aspect that you can die. You are half mortal.”
“And the other half?” I asked tentatively.
“Half-god. You are a demigod, also called a half-blood,” answered Chiron, confirming my worst fear.
“God? I guess that’s believable enough. I am standing in front of a centaur. So where have my parents been the last few years of my life? Too high and proud to even talk to a mere mortal?” I said with bitter resentment in my voice.
“Dylan, don’t be so harsh,” said Nico. “Gods have many children- it’s hard to look after them all. And what about your mortal parent? You had them, right?”
“Nope, never knew either of my parents. They were too busy with their other children.”
“Only one of your parents is a god. If they both were, then you’d be immortal, too.”
“So, I am guessing the big bone dude from my dream was a god, too?”
“Yes,” said Nico, straightening up. “That was my father, Hades.”
His father was the lord of the underworld? Nice…
“So who are my parents and why did Hades tell me to get his queen for him?’
“We will probably know who your parents are soon, but as to why Hades told you to get his wife, instead of his own son, I have no idea…” said Chiron. He looked extremely worried.
I felt so wanted.

I was asked to stay in the Hermes cabin until the ‘claiming’. I just hoped the ‘claiming’ process wasn’t too painful. Chiron said it would probably happen during the campfire.
I looked around at my temporary cabin mates. None of them physically looked alike, but, they all had long fingers and a mischievous look in their eyes that should warn you to run away holding all of your valuables tightly. From the little I knew about Greek Mythology, I remembered that Hermes was the God of Thieves.
Nico stopped by once. He told me I was taking everything well. He said most people usually think they are insane.
“Well I have
Because the day was almost over, I spent the last hour before dinner in my cabin with a kid who called himself Connor Stoll and another one of his cabin mates. He said they both had food poisoning. The other person was sleeping on their bed. Connor told me how they had added powdered Satyr Horn into the Demeter cabin’s plants. It made them grow in a frenzy and get a mind of their own. They ran away from their garden, but not before trashing the Demeter cabin. Rumor has it they were still hiding out in the Forest.
For revenge, Demeter’s kids poisoned their food so that they would get a cramp if were to get out of their bed in the next week. Until then, they would be bedridden. Even Chiron couldn’t find a cure.
The other person turned around and seemed to wake up. She opened her eyes, just a peek and just as quickly closed them. Weird.
Connor Stoll was interesting to chat with. He mentioned stuff that Nico and Chiron had conveniently seemed to have forgotten to mention.
He told me how powerful demigods would attract monsters unless they stay at camp. That would explain much of my unfortunate childhood experiences.
He also explained to me why the Gods were now in America. They moved around to wherever they were most recognized. I guess that makes sense. But then he explained how monuments and places moved, too, and I became lost.
He also told me about the history of the camp and how we had been saved several times by Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, Tyson, Jason Grace, Thalia Grace, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, Nico DiAngelo and friends. The names meant nothing to me, but I remembered them. These were obviously famous people around these parts.

The campfire was a disaster.
Not that much happened.
Everyone had just come from the mess hall.
And Boom
It was as if I peed in a swimming pool. In seconds, I had become the main attraction. Everyone was looking at me, no, over my head. I saw something glow on their faces. It reflected of their eyes.
I looked up.
There was a symbol over my head.

Sorry its been forever guys, but I had midterms for the last week and next. :(
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Chapter 5
I Fight Some Senior Citizens
Chloe Hail
Marion Forester was a goat.
“I’m not a goat. I’m a half-goat,” he argued. “I’m a Satyr.”
My mistake. He’s a Half-Goat.
The op part of his body was just like a human, except for the horns on his head. His lower body was furry. He had hooves.
Mario told me we had to go to a place called Camp Half Blood.
There it was again. My mom mentioned camp before. What exactly was it? I asked Marion.
“It’s the place where heroes go and train.”
“Train for what?” I asked.
“To not get killed by monsters,” Marion offered.
On that happy note, we set off for camp.

We decided to take a train. The trip to NY would take about 7 hours in total, with 2 stops. I grew scared just thinking about it. My ADHD would kill me.
If I didn’t get killed by the monsters first.

We chose our seats. I got a window seat. Marion sat next to me with an aisle seat. Next to us there was a beautiful woman. Her hair fell down in a luscious mane. Her smile sparkled. When she saw me looking at her, she winked.
I was confused. Next to me, Marion stiffened up and quickly looked the other way.
“Who is that?” I whispered to Marion.
“Not who,” he answered. “What. That is a Lamia. One of your mother’s… friends. She is probably here to protect us. But they are still frightening. Many satyrs fall for their looks. Then they learn that they are vampires who are looking for their blood. I know many satyrs who have died this way.” He looked away.
I couldn’t believe this creature was my mother’s pet. I tried ignoring her for the rest of the journey. But it was hard. The fact that she was a vampire sort of made me want to look at her. I’m sure Marion felt the same way. He kept on taking peaks at her and looked away just as quickly. It was pretty obvious that a battle was raging inside of him.
The train stopped. We were at a stop. Only two people got on. They were small. They were wearing green suits. They were old. Really old. Their faces were do wrinkled I could not have told if they were male or female without looking at their hair. Evidently one was a girl and one was a boy. Their hair was so white it was almost shining.
To try and ease Marion’s longing, I tried chatting with him.
But he wasn’t up to it. Before I could even finish asking my first question he interrupted me- “So what will I learn at-?”
“Monsters,” he hissed.
“What. Where?”
“I think it’s those two who just came onboard.”
“What?” I asked, exasperated. “It couldn’t be them. They are so old they probably couldn’t hurt a fly.” I remembered him mentioning how Satyrs smelt out monsters and I added, “Your nose is probably clogged up from that vampire lamp thing.”
“I don’t think so. I mean maybe. It usually always is the old ones.” But he looked unsure.
That was when the Lamia piped up, “That charming satyr happens to be right. They are indeed monsters. Not especially harmful ones, but they still considered monsters. You will have to fight them alone. I was instructed by your mother to watch you only until I saw your opposition. If it turned out to be too much, I was supposed to help. But you can take on those sneaky thieves. And for future reference, my name is Carrie.”
And the Carrie left.
I instinctively reached for my ring. It was the current guise for my wand. When I touched it changed into my wand. Of course I really didn’t know how to use it yet, but it still reassured me.
I asked Marion what the old dudes were.
He drew a short club out of his bag while he answered, “I’m not sure.”
“Of course you’re not. So what are we supposed to do?” I assumed he had some training in monster training.
“Charge?” he asked hesitantly.
Well we had no better plan. I remember thinking here goes nothing.

Marion had already explained to me how the Mist affected the minds of mortals. Apparently they would probably still see me and Marion attacking two senior citizens. Or maybe not. We really couldn’t be sure.
As we approached the monsters I noticed something about them changing. They seemed to become even smaller. Their skin became green. Their ears elongated.
They were goblins.
I heard a gasp from Marion and I knew he knew about these monsters. He raised his club.
“Now, now satyr. Don’t act rashly. We have not come here on a violent mission. We have come here to offer that beautiful young girl good advice. We would like to show her the winning side,” said the female goblin
“Winning side? I’m afraid that is Olympus. How many times over the last few years have they continually defeated any attempted revolts?” said Marion.
“Ha. You make me laugh. The Olympians could barely defeat the trials they were faced with before, but they will soon be faced with a new one. One they have never faced before. His power will consume them,” yelled the male goblin.
“Are you crazy?” I yelled back. People were starting to get out of their seats and taking pictures. “You want me to betray my Mom, who I JUST MET for your ‘powerful’ dude. I was getting angry at these goblins. I jabbed at the girl with my wand.
It gutted her right in her stomach.
She clutched her stomach in pain. She looked up and said, “You will pay for that you circus clown.”
Oh no she didn’t.
She raised her fingers. A blue ball shot out of them straight towards me.
I instinctively raised my wand. Somehow it seemed to absorb the ball.
The power from the ball seemed to linger in my arm. It was making it cold and numb. I could actually see my arm freezing in front of my eyes.
I concentrated on the cold glowing away. I remembered one time, when I was little, I had a cold. Yet I still wanted to eat Ice cream. My daddy forbade me from touching it, but when he was gone; I snuck out and got some. I was eating it when my father came back. I tried to eat it all in one bite, so he wouldn’t notice. It made me have horrible brain freeze. My dad laughed his head off. He even let me get away without a punishment. Well, actually, he said the headache that followed was my punishment.
That was how my arm felt. Desperately I tried thinking warm thoughts like hot chocolate and fire and marshmallows.
But that didn’t work.
So I tried some reverse psychology. To make the cold away I thought about the cold. Ice Cream, sundaes, snowballs, hail.
And just like that the cold sensation went away.
My arm was still numb. Like it had bitten by hundreds on ants. I looked up.
The Goblins were covered with snow. They were shivering horribly. I had a feeling they both had hypothermia.
“Until later, my dear warty witch,” said the Goblin, just to annoy me.
They ran away.
I stood stunned for a second. I had done Magic.
“Come one,” said Marion, urgently. “The mortals are starting to suspect.”
The train was still at the stop where Carrie left from. Me and Marion ran outside. We had to find another way to camp.
I was about to change my wand back when I realized- my wand was gone.
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So who do you guys think Dylan's parent is?