द हीरोस ऑफ ओलिंपस The Hero's Song

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Leo is meant to be dead, Gaia has called upon Tartarus, and the final chapter is now. Who will save the world this time?

*This is a reality where Leo actually died, and the cure was given too late.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except Rowen Forrest and the plot.
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There wasn't even a body, Leo was dead. The funeral was that afternoon, and Annabeth, Hazel and Piper were all wearing the same. A orange, red and yellow dress. Fire. To storm or fire... The world fell to fire, but so did Leo. He was dead. Repair Boy, Chef Leo the Taco Expert. She half expected him to swoop in any moment on Festus, and crash the funeral. She looked up, seeing that Hazel was doing the same. No dragon. No Leo. He was dead. She couldn't help it. A tear traced her cheek. She wiped t away. Leo. Gods. She hugged Jason, who stood by her side, looking awkward. The conch sounded, and Annabeth strode over to her.

"You know, he might come back. Percy did that once."

"Did what?"

"Come back on the day of his own funeral."

A smile played across her lips, before she could restrain it.

"You think?"

Annabeth laughed. "Course!"

The sound rang, loud and clear, cutting through the gloomy air. She gazed up, one last time. A clear, sunny day,not exactly fitting the atmosphere. But then again, it never rained in Camp Half-Blood. A heard a strangled whimper from Hazel. When Piper glanced at her, she turned away, her caramel hair hiding her expression. The procession made it to the campfire. Jason clutched the shroud, a red, orange and gold cloth with embroidered screws, cogs and other mechanical equipment stitched on. In flickering letters were the words,

Leo Valdez, Saviour Of Olympus

She stood with Jason, who handed her one end of the shroud. Hesitantly, she glanced at the camp entrance, at Half-Blood Hill. Just the norm. A tear made its way down her cheek. Time to say goodbye.

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