द हीरोस ऑफ ओलिंपस I Promise (a calypso and leo story)

Jane_Bridges posted on Apr 12, 2014 at 04:00PM
So now I'm going to try to keep up with three stories! So maybe one of you guys could write for me!
So this is the summery:
After the war with Gaea Calypso' s island is destroyed and Leo finally finds out after months of searching for her. Leo is heartbroken because he thinks Caylpso is gone and he now has to tell everyone where he was when he had disappeared. He is sorry that he never fulfilled that empty promise. So that's Leo's POV

Now for Caylpso' s POV
Caylpso thinks she's girl named Gracie in twelfth grade but in reality Gaea took away Caylpo' s memory because she found out that Caylpso had a big part in killing her son's, the giants, in the next war. So after Caylpso' s island is destroyed by Gaea Calypso is stripped of her memory plucked out of the ocean where she landed after her island exploded and placed in a expensive private school with supposedly no way to get out.


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This is the first chapter!

Leo's POV
Gone, how? I probably should just accept it, I mean it's been months! Almost a year!Leo thought as he lay on his bed, suddenly the door opened and Piper walked in,
"Hey Leo"
"Hi Piper"
"Um... Leo you've been acting distant lately, well since you disappeared when Annabeth and Percy were in Tartarus."
"Yeah it's just someone I care about died"
"Oh, who was it?"
"I should probably tell all of you guys at once"
"So I met this girl named Caylpso"
As soon as Leo said it Percy turned pale, Annabeth nudged him,
"Is something wrong Percy?"
"No, no nothing" he said, but Leo glared at him,
"So you never told her where you went, huh?"
Percy looked up his eyes full of sorrow and regret,
"She... I met her when Mt. St. Helens exploded. The two weeks when I was gone"
"Just go on." Jason said when Annabeth turned white
"Well I met her and she told me that Percy told the gods to release her from her imprisonment, but they never did. So then she was heartbroken and miserable and stuck on an island, then Gaea destroyed he island and she died"
Leo explained in about one sentence
"I'm sorry Leo, I should have made sure the gods kept their promise" Percy said
Leo nodded and left the room

I hope you guys liked it! I'm not a pro writer but still I tried my best. Sorry the chapter was short
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Hi peeps jane_bridges u should keep writing I bet people will love it
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