द हीरोस ऑफ ओलिंपस Percy gets a Sister

Jane_Bridges posted on Apr 12, 2014 at 01:46PM
A long time ago I told my friend that I would finish her story but never did so I'm going to do that now, Sorry to everyone I left hanging! Just to refresh your memory here is the summery:
Percy Jackson wakes up to the sound of clattering plates, he runs to the mess hall (because plates are located in the mess hall) and a cluster of demigods are surrounding this girl who's laying on the floor of the pavilion. She arouses and finds herself in the center of attention. She claimes her name is Caroline Jackson, and Percy is astonished.
Annabeth is told to show Caroline around and to escort her to the Hermes cabin. Then that nigh she is claimed by Poseidon. Percy takes her to hos cabin and Caroline tell him that she ran away from home because her mom, Sally, died in a car accident and that Paul her step dad never took care of her.
Then the next day Percy takes her to her first sword fighting lesson where Justus (another demigod, from the Hephestis cabin half brother of Leo) teaches her to use her instincts because she doesn't have ADHD or dyslexia. He begins to form a crush on her.
Hope you enjoy it!
PS, this is after the war with Gaea

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