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The world is not entirely light or entirely dark. There are no definite boundaries between right and wrong. Everyone has both inside of them,and we must choose our own destiny.

At the beginning of the Giant War, tensions are as high as ever. Even if Camp Half Blood can convince the Romans to fight with them, it may not be enough. In order to save Camp, and the modern world as we know it; a third group, previously forbidden from ever entering camp, must be allowed to join. But will the third addition of solders just cause disagreements and tear the already small army apart?


Disclaimer: I do not own Camp Half Blood or any characters from Heroes of Olympus. My characters and the plot do belong to me though.

Rating: T for possible language (Not really..)

I'll be posting a song with each chapter, but you probably want to listen after you read.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Syrena has lived in New York all of her life. Always the same house, same school, same people around her. So when a new face comes to town, about to change everything she's ever known, how will she react?

Leo is still getting used to the demigod world. He has to build the Argo II, train his fire abilities, and now he has to choose between siding with his new family or defending a group he's never met before.

Annabeth just wants everything to go back to normal. She wishes for Percy to be back, and Gaea to go to sleep. Of course, that's not going to happen soon. But in the meantime, she wants to keep things peaceful and average at camp. When a group of strangers threatens to ruin that peace, Annabeth might not be very merciful.

1- Introductions
2-Locos Perros
3- Unwelcome to Camp!
3.5- Teaser Chapter

Coming Soon: 4- Eye'm Watching You.
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No promises of continuing this forum, it's just an idea so far guys. But please tell me what you think!
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Jas. You. Better. Write. This. Forum. Or. I. Will. Destroy. Your. Enchiladas.
Please post!
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I just ate my enchilada, got any other threats? XP

But, alright, I'll get to work on the first chapter
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big smile
I need this Forum. o.o

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I agree with Nicolicious and Pheonix. If you do not continue this forum, I will send the flying Monkeys after you. You don't want that. POST SOON! Or else...
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First MINI Preview: (Definitely not my best work, but it should improve as the story goes on)

Syrena Adams. What on earth had her mother been thinking? Or maybe it should be, what on earth was her mother drinking? Seriously. It was bad enough to be a 15 year old girl with cheerleader-blonde hair and startling green eyes, no need to toss a name like Syrena into the mix. People drooled at her feet, which was the last thing she wanted.

Syrena was the shy type. She didn't want to be noticed, stared at, or especially looked up to. Let someone else steal all of that attention, she wanted to sit in the back quietly and watch. The few times she tried to be adventurous had been... disastrous. The world was cruel, full of bullies and people who excel at shattering hearts like ice. If she had been a turtle, her head would have never came out of her shell.

Maybe her mother was to blame for all the attention. Syrena certainly didn't have her father's genes of mousy brown hair and small eyes. Her looks would definitely be her mother's fault. Or maybe she was just bitter her mom left them. Dad always told the same story,how he was shipwrecked and she came to the rescue blahblahblah... He never told the part about her ditching the two of them forever. Syrena didn't even know the lady's name. Whatever. Leave the past in the past.


But what she didn't know was that the past doesn't leave. Those things you try to forget about have a way of coming back to haunt you. All the buried secrets, all the lies told to her, would soon come spilling out. Syrena Adams was in deep water. And soon it would start closing over her head.
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Okay, don't expect another chapter for a little while, I won't be on for a few weeks. So enjoy that little baby cliffhanger and hasta la vista.
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I hate you. That cliffhanger killed me.
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Relationship over Jas. over.
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Hmmm...okay then. Maybe I should just close it there and never let you know what I have planned?
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No. Continue. Or else.
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...and you're leaving us with a cliffy ending? D:

I guess I'm heading back to my corner then. *rocks back and forth*
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It's okay Pheonix.
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Great story! I'd say post but you're making us wait for weeks so.... post?
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Alright, I'm back guys. Next chapter will be up as soon as I finish it.
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Phoenix can leave his corner now. :D
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Chapter 2: Perros Locos

Leo officially hated dogs. Tía Rosa's Pitbull had tried to eat his face mupltle times. Even the old guy across the street's Chihuahua growled whenever it saw Leo. And now? Three massive hellhounds were chasing him up the streets of New York.

They were bigger than most, each about twice as large as Mrs. O'Leary. They didn't care to be tamed, fed, attacked with a sledgehammer, or be burnt (Leo found out they were fireproof the hard way.) So, when the dogs started closing in, howling for blood, he was running out of options. Until he ran literally straight into someone with an escape idea.


He toppled to the pavement, next to a girl who had just walked out of the school he was passing. Her books had been thrown all about the sidewalk and she was now rubbing her head.

The hellhounds came to a screeching halt, right above them, growling. Strangely enough though, they weren't staring at Leo, with Hello, demigod. I'm going to eat you now. written in their eyes anymore. Instead they looked at the girl like, No fair! This guy was our food, get your own!

Leo scrambled backwards, crab-walk style. The girl froze, looking up at the hellhounds with her arm halfway extended toward her science textbook. The monster in the middle pulled his lips back, showing off his diamond-sharp teeth, and letting a stream of drool trail down onto the book.

"Okay, gross. You can keep it. Never liked Biology anyway," She muttered, pulling her arm back. Then the girl turned around to look back at Leo. "Any reason your dogs are the size of bears on steroids?" Her eyes were a deep green, like emeralds.

"Wha-? Uh, I mean... They aren't my dogs." He mentally did a face palm. Wow, he was great with words...

She backed away from the hellhounds slowly, now ignoring her books. Then she began murmuring in Ancient Greek. It was a hauntingly simple melody, but at the same time it seemed hard to describe and one of a kind. Did that even make sense?

Leo watched as the hellhounds got a dazed look in their eyes, then sat down, as if in a trance.

"Okay, get up really slowly now. When I say go, start walking away. Don't make eye contact with them, dogs take that as a challenge," she said.

Leo didn't have any better of a plan, so he did what the girl said. She was getting up when the hellhound on the left grew impatient and tried snapping at her arm. The girl flew back faster than what should be humanly possible and the monsters snapped out of their daze, growling.

"Okay, forget that plan-Run!" Leo grabbed the girl's arm and pulled her along behind him.


They finally came to a stop after climbing up a fire escape to a building's roof. Sure, the hellhounds were still growling at them from the street below, but for the moment they were safe.

"So, Can I ask who on earth are you?," The girl wondered, catching her breath. "You're not from town"

"I'm Leo. I'm from somewhere else nearby. And you are?"


"Okay, nice to meet you then. Syrena, do you know what a demigod is?" Leo wasn't planning to ask that, but once the words left his lips, he knew she wasn't human. The thing she'd done earlier to the hellhounds- that had to be Charmspeak. He was willing to bet she was a child of Aphrodite.

"A demi- what?"

"Okay, Nevermind. Come on, I have to show you something."
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Eh... Don't know what I think about this chapter, but enjoy!
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Gah, I'm hating my writing.... If the next chapter isn't better, I might consider killing the forum.
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You hate it?! It's amazing! Continue or Phoenix will cry! Again!
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._. Hopefully next chapter is when things start getting interesting.
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Annabeth sat on Thalia's hill on guard duty with Piper, watching the sun begin to set. Peleus the dragon lay sleeping around the pine tree, his snores moving the long grasses back and forth. Nothing eventful had happened all afternoon and she was nearing the point of falling asleep herself. Thank goodness their shift was almost over.

Piper stopped picking at her nails for a minute and pointed down the hill at an approaching figure. "Hey, Leo's back."

Annabeth got to her feet and put a hand over her eyes to block the rays of the dying sun. "Who's that with him?" He had left for the supply run alone.

"Dunno," Piper said, squinting to see. "Maybe he found a demigod?"

"Well, he forgot the supplies. Come on Leo, the Argo II isn't going to build itself," Annabeth muttered, more to herself than to Piper.

As Leo and the stranger got closer, Annabeth could tell it was a girl; wearing a simple gray sweatshirt, jean shorts, and converse sneakers. She didn't look like she'd been in any major monster fights, which was good.

The girl and Leo ran up the hill to meet them, Leo plowed straight through the border with no problem. But the girl stopped as if the open air was a brick wall.

"Syrena?," Leo called. "Come on, these are my friends, Piper and Annabeth. They won't bite."

The girl, Syrena, just gave him a perplexed look and put her hand out in front of her like some strange miming act.

With a shock, Annabeth realized she couldn't pass through the camp's magic barrier. Leo came to the same conclusion and said, "I give Syrena permission to enter camp."

Her hand fell forward, through where the camp's barrier was and she tentatively took a step forward.

Leo shot Annabeth a look, like, What on earth was that about? . For the moment, Annabeth had no logical answer.


For the next few hours, Annabeth gave Syrena a tour of camp. For someone new to the whole 'Greek myths aren't really myths' thing, she didn't seem very surprised or shocked. Syrena took the news calmly and only asked a few questions. She seemed most concerned about fitting in.

"And there's a cabin for me, no matter who my mom is?"

"Yes. We added cabins for all the gods after the Titan war. Don't worry, you'll have a place to belong. Look, here's my mom's cabin."

Annabeth led her around the Athena cabin to the weapons tool shed.

"Alright, here, you'll need a weapon. Go ahead and try some out, so we'll know how to train you."

"Why and what is everyone training for if camp's safe? I don't want to take something I don't need."

"Syrena. Remember how you said you knew Greek Mythology? Where there are gods, there are monsters. The camp's as safe as we can make it, but you still need a weapon and training to protect yourself out there. They're stocked in the woods. Monsters don't have mercy, even if you're a newbie at this."

Annabeth took a dagger off a shelf and pressed it into her hands. "Trust me, you'll need it."

Syrena's face paled and Annabeth worried that she'd have a Piper moment happen all over again. Why did bad things happen when she gave children knives? Oh- Nevermind, that didn't sound right.

Annabeth carefully pulled the dagger out of Syrena's hands. "You okay?"

Syrena jumped, as if Annabeth's voice had been a clap of thunder through fog. "What? Oh. Yeah. I'm fine."

She most certainly did not look fine, but Annabeth didn't want to argue. Instead, she put the dagger back up on its shelf and grabbed a different weapon, a bow made of dark wood and a quiver of arrows with purple feathers peeking out the top. "Here, how's this? Careful, the arrows have poisoned tips."

"A bow?.. I really don't know if that's going to work for me."

Annabeth was about to respond when the dinner bell rung. "Okay, just hang on to it for now, and we'll find something better after we eat."

"Do you mind if I take the knife too then?"

Annabeth pulled it down and they ran to the pavilion.


Annabeth told Syrena the basic rules of dinner (where she could sit without Mr.D turning her into a dolphin, how not to trust the Stoll brothers around valuables, how they left burnt offerings, etc) then left the girl.

She was halfway to her usual seat at the Athena table when Grover bleated, "Blaahahah, Annabeth!"
She came over. "Grover, what's up?"

He looked around nervously and took an anxious bite of the tin can he was carrying. "Something's wrong- I can smell it all over camp. It's a powerful monster, but it's almost hiding it's scent somehow, I can just barely tell it's there. The other saytrs think I'm going crazy like Hedge! They can't smell a thing! Annabeth, what if it attacks us and we can't even see it coming?"

He said this very garbled up with worry and bits of tin can, so it took Annabeth a moment to translate.

"We'll keep watch posted like always Grover, but the camp borders are secure. Today they almost didn't let a demigod in, there's no chance a monster could slip through."

Grover didn't look very reassured but he nodded consent. "Who's the new demigod?"

"Syrena. We don't know her parentage yet, besides that it's her mom. Maybe you could guess after dinner? Leo told me he thinks it's Aphrodite."

"Okay." He took another bite of tin can as casually as if it were an apple. " I'm going to find Juniper." He meandered off towards the woods.

About halfway through dinner, Chiron stood and called the everyones' attention by stomping his hoof against the marble floor.

"Demi-gods, saytrs, and nymphs! Tonight we are pleased to welcome a new camper, Syrena! I want all you you to make her feel welcome, it's been a while since we've had a new Demi-god com-" He faltered at the end, looking out at the Hermes table.

Annabeth turned around, expecting to have to send an evil glare at the Stoll brothers. Instead, she joined her table in a collective gasp. Someone accidentally knocked over their goblet of Fanta across Annabeth's plate, but she didn't even care, she just kept staring.

Syrena looked up to see a glowing turquoise symbol over her head. Annabeth squinted to recognize it, it wasn't Aphrodite's like Leo had suspected. In fact, Annabeth was certain she hadn't seem it before.

It showed a figure of a woman, with wings on her back, standing on a rock and looking out to sea.

Annabeth's heart froze in her throat as she remembered the song and memories that went with that image. A pirate ship...dark rocks in an sapphire sea...A few basic notes, yet so much more than that...magic, swirling about, twisting her thoughts, promising her wildest dreams.. Even just remembering the song she wanted to do whatever it's owner said, to-

She snapped out of her haze, disoriented. No. It couldn't be. But her brain was putting together details, pieces of the jigsaw puzzle she had forgotten.
Leo's description of her song..Syrena not being able to enter camp... The girl's moment of shock holding the Celestial Bronze dagger.. Grover's strange sense after she had arrived.

Yes, Syrena Adams definitely wasn't human. But nor was she a demigod.

Annabeth found her voice, speaking loudly and almost accusingly.

"You're a monster."
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Why am I a turtle?
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I'm human, but I turn into an antelope in my free time.
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Teaser Chapter

Later that night

Syrena learned the hard way that demigods didn't take kindly to the word: monster. They tended to draw many weapons and point them at you.

It had taken her a moment to realize what was going on, but she had felt the blood rush from her face as she understood what Annabeth had said. Her mother was a monster, a demon, someone who lured people to their deaths; not a goddess. What did that make Syrena? She was stupid to think she belonged here.

She figured she wouldn't be alive still if not for Chiron. He'd told the campers to stand down(which they weren't happy about) and guided Syrena to the big house, where he said she'd stay while they 'determined her fate.'

In her case, she thought, 'determine your fate' sounded just as bad as 'Hey, we're going to sacrifice you to the gods now, by throwing you off this cliff.'

She wouldn't know what they were planning to do with her until tomorrow. Syrena sighed, looking around the guest room Chiron had put her in. Man, it was going to be a long night.


Annabeth lay on her bunk and stared at the ceiling so hard, her gray eyes might as well have burnt a hole through it. The rest of her cabin mates had fallen asleep several hours ago, but she felt as if caffeine was running in her veins. She got this way whenever there was a major problem needing to be solved, turning into an insomniac until all loose ends were tied up. Right now, there was just one thing keeping her awake. Syrena.

She was a monster, yet half human. Half their enemy, half their friend. Blood and monster's Ichor.

Was any of that even possible? Had Syrena already known her mother was a siren, before coming to camp? Was her dad even human? Would she use her powers against the camp? Did she have powers? Could they trust her?

Eventually the fatigue drowned out the many questions her brain was firing off. Her eyes flickered shut.
She didn't know it, but across the country, another pair of eyes opened right then, for the first time in months.

Percy Jackson was awake.
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You've officially killed me.
-Passes out-
Awshum chapter by the way. Post very soon...or else.
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Why do I feel like that was sarcasm....?

Anywho, it shouldn't be nearly as long of a wait this time
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omg omg omg, who is syrena!?!?
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Wonderful post, I just hope that they give her the benefit of the doubt. She could turn out to be a great ally! But of course only Jasmine knows for sure, so we mere mortals will have to wait to find out.
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lol. yep. though it would be cool to me a demigod... एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Been three months, any news?